The Haunted Chapter 143 The Blessed Ones

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Chapter 143 The Blessed Ones

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“A good question, but also a difficult question to answer.” The theological history teacher’s serious brown eyes swept towards Chi Yan, “First of all, I assume that you should already know that the evil god is of a more superior rank than the God of War, the God of Plague and the rest of the other higher level gods. Out of respect, we will try to avoid talking about the higher level gods too much. This is also the will of the other gods.” 


In layman’s terms, this meant that this god was an existence that  ordinary gods wouldn’t dare to provoke. So these gods would instruct their followers to talk less about any news related to this god.


“Secondly, Alpha Continent does not publicly promote belief in the evil god. This is also what you should know.”


“If these two well-known explanations cannot satisfy your curiosity, and since this is the first class, I don’t mind talking about it more and other points that you may not have heard of from other places.” He took off his glasses, put them on his black robe and wiped them, put them back on again and scanned the young people seated below with sharp eyes. “Among all the oracles of the gods, the evil god Eymer is regarded as the most evil, strongest and most difficult to figure out. He does not need believers, and no god dares to challenge his authority. I hope you can remember that ignorance is sometimes a kind of happiness. Don’t be curious about things you shouldn’t be curious about. A god that is feared by other gods is obviously not a good object of curiosity.” 


The bell rang at this moment. The theology teacher looked at Chi Yan before announcing the end of the class, and hurried out of the classroom with his teaching materials.


He had probably overreacted.

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He shook his head secretly, his two thick eyebrows frowned deeply between his forehead. But it was such a coincidence that something like that happened yesterday, and today a student asked about the evil god Eymer, which made him really uneasy.


Most of the freshmen in the class still didn’t know that their theological history teacher, Mr. Hodge was actually the deputy dean of the divinity school of Qin Shang Academy. If nothing goes wrong, he should also be the next dean as determined.


In addition, he had an even more respectable identity – he was a devout believer who served the Goddess of Spring and a sacred scholar. The meaning of “sacred scholar” here is different from ordinary theological researchers, but was similar to “sacred warlock”, “sacred warrior” and so on, which were honorific names for those favoured by the gods. It meant that although Mr. Hodge was a scholar who focused on academic research, he was also blessed by God. Not only would he get twice the result with half the effort in his job, he could even borrow the power of God when necessary.


Because of these two special identities, he knew some top-secret information that ordinary people wouldn’t know.


For example, there were no more than ten statues of the evil god, Eymer in the entire lower realm, and one of them was enshrined in the forbidden black tower of the Qin Shang Academy. It was said that this idol contained the strongest and most mellow power of the evil god because it contained something that belonged to the god – there were rumours that it was a strand of hair, and there were also rumours that it was a drop of blood.


And just last night, someone had secretly sneaked into the black tower in the forbidden area. The intruder’s actions were very cautious and carefully planned. He managed to sneak away before being discovered by the others, and used spells to confuse their judgment. He also cleverly took away some valuable but non-crucial items. In this way, it was not easy for them to find out what his real motives were, and those things that were stolen were not worthy of Qin Shang Academy to create a big fanfare to hunt for the intruder. After all, out of various considerations, the academy did not want news of the intrusion to spread.

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After receiving the news that the forbidden area was intruded, the old dean rushed to the black tower immediately, walked slowly around the forbidden area with the green osmanthus staff, and finally declared calmly, “The intruder failed his mission and did not find what he wanted. His goal was the idol of that honourable one.”


Although the old man couldn’t see, no one would doubt his judgment. Because as Mr. Hodge’s boss, the old dean of the seminary, was a rare prophet of God. Although God’s favoured ones were rare, positions of the deans of the seminary had always been held by God’s favoured ones. This was one of the pride and capital of the Qin Shang Academy.


The idol of that honourable one……Walking along the corridor of the school and past groups of young students, Mr. Hodge said these words slowly in his heart, and finally he gradually recovered from the incident that happened the night before. Of course he knew who “that honourable one” referred to, and he also knew what this intrusion might imply  – someone wanted to borrow the power of the evil god – the most powerful and destructive god’s power in the legend.


But no matter what motives the intruder had, at least it shouldn’t have anything to do with the freshmen.


So I really overreacted just now, maybe I should ask the benevolent Goddess of Spring to give me some directives. Thinking about this, he walked back to his office quickly.




It had been two weeks since school started, and Chi Yan had gradually become familiar with his classmates. Andy, the aspiring magician sitting next to him in the theological history class, was one of his new friends.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Andy was born in a small aristocratic family in the Omega Empire. He had an older brother and sister. He was shy, quite methodical and conscientious with his work and was very honest with his new friend. Chi Yan could get quite a lot of useful information from him.


An important reason why the Qin Shang Academy enjoyed such prestige was that it could provide every student enrolled with the opportunity of “divine light test”. The divine light test was a method used to judge whether a person had the potential to cultivate to become one favoured by the gods.


If it was not at the Qin Shang Academy, most people could only ask known favoured ones or shrine priests in the main temple of each empire to carry out this test. Obviously not every family could provide such opportunities for their children. This also showed how commendable it was for the Qin Shang Academy to do this.


The school’s divine light test for freshmen was arranged on the weekend one month after the start of school. Accordingly, students who were sensitive to the divine light from the gods would be selected for further testing.


“Are these godly favoured ones born with this attribute?” Chi Yan asked. He actually couldn’t understand the difference between the divine light of the gods and that of the human world.


“You can say that.” Andy knew that his new friend came from the remote Yin Suo Mountains and he didn’t understand much of the situation, so he explained to him in detail, “Most people are born to be unable to accept the pure light from the gods. As we grow older, under the light of the gods, every minute of it feels like burning, so naturally you can’t become a godly favoured person who can communicate with gods and accept the power of gods.”


“But there are also exceptions. There are people who can become the favoured ones through cultivation, such as the high priest in the temple of the Goddess of Dawn in the Omega Empire. She is still very young. Her grandmother is the former high priest, so she grew up in the temple since she was a child and bathed in the brilliance of the Goddess of Dawn. As long as the god does not hate this person or feel that he or she is repulsive, such people who grow up like this will certainly have high affinity and sensitivity to the gods, and will naturally become the best person to communicate with the gods. But this requires extraordinary backgrounds or opportunities, and so there’s no point for ordinary people to envy them.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

What Andy said was common knowledge for most of the students here, and no one would think that there was any problem. Chi Yan heard a deeper meaning from his words, and his eyebrows frowned slightly, “……You mean, being close to the gods, rubbing off a lot of the god’s breath can also be detected and identified as the blessed ones?”


“That’s right. My brother was a knight apprentice in the temple. I heard him say that the closer you are to the god, the easier it is to get the god’s breath, and you can gain more power from it. So that’s why there are many explorers who are obsessed with exploring places rumoured to have traces of the god in order to search for the lost relics with traces and breath left by the gods, so as to gain the power of the gods. If they can get these things left by the gods in the Mortal Realm, then they will be very lucky.”


“Well… …I say, I am just making an analogy.” Chi Yan hesitated to look at his unsuspecting friend, “According to what you have said, what will happen if someone is kissed by the god? Will the test be able to detect this?”


Andy glanced at him disapprovingly, “Why do you always have such strange thoughts? Chi Yan, I say, don’t think about these unrealistic things, this is blasphemy. If it becomes serious, you’ll be punished!”


Don’t mention about punishment.


Chi Yan shut his eyes.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This is not blasphemy. God is blaspheming me.


Oh god, he really couldn’t imagine this.


If the test was really as magical as what his friend said, even if he grew up in the temple, the brilliance of being close to the gods could be judged as affinity – he will definitely be detected – his whole body was full of Ye Yingzhi’s breath .


From the inside out.


Therefore, just as all the freshmen who had never received the divine light test were full of anticipation and eagerness to try, there was also such a young man who was worried about an unspeakable trouble.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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