The Haunted Chapter 144 Forbidden Land

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Chapter 144 Forbidden Land


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Chi Yan didn’t want to let the public know of his intimate relationship with Ye Yingzhi, so he sneaked out to find Ye Yingzhi for help and skipped school again. Outside the school, he wondered which of the three roads was slightly better. Of course he had considered trying to escape this test, but after analysing, he found that there was no way to escape this divine light test unless he played truant.


Desperate, he turned to Blackbird for help. After all, the black bird had lived in the temple of the evil god for so long, there might be some ways to do it.


After hearing his question, the black bird flapped its wings and looked at him with its head tilted, “Actually I have a question. I wanted to ask when I heard you ask that human boy.”


“You say.” Chi Yan nodded. He had rarely seen the black bird behaving so uneasily. 


“That’s… Do you enjoy being kissed by Lord Eymer? Don’t be angry, don’t hit me, I’ve seen it. No, not just me, many birds in the God Realm have seen it, that you’ve been pressed down and kissed by Lord Eymer in the temple garden.” The black bird fluttered its wings and dodged, “I’m just curious. You have to be considerate of my mood. After all, I haven’t kissed other birds, but can always see both of you being very intimate and engaged. Chi Yan, you have to understand that not everyone and birds are like you and have a lover as soon as they grow up. Most of them are like me and Lord Eymer, always alone.”


“…… But Lord Eymer is still luckier than me, at least he has finally waited for you.” At the end, Blackbird dropped his head dejectedly.


Chi Yan was at a loss for a moment. He didn’t know how to console his companion, so he hesitated, “Oh, it felt good… I mean I haven’t compared it, anyway, I think Ye Yingzhi is pretty good. You can definitely find your lover in the future. Or I will take you with me next time when I visit other gods, and you can get to know other divine birds.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Blackbird perked up slightly when it heard this suggestion. 


Chi Yan took the opportunity to ask a question he cared about, “You have been in the temple all these while, right? So, what was Ye Yingzhi like before? I mean before I came. What did he do every day?” He had thought about this before but never had a clear answer. Thinking that Ye Yingzhi had been alone in the temple before, he felt a little distressed.


“Well, let me recall.” Blackbird pondered for a moment, “Actually, in the beginning, Lord Eymer had no consciousness, no specific form and not even a name. He was just a symbol of the evil god’s very powerful ‘energy’ entrenched in the God Realm. Not long before you appeared, Lord Eymer was transformed from his own powerful evil energy.”


Then Ye Yingzhi didn’t wait for too long. Chi Yan felt a little comfort in his heart.


“According to my idea, the best thing you can do now is to take the initiative to find Lord Eymer for help.” Blackbird looked at the young man in front of him seriously, “You miss him too? Listen to me, don’t get ideas from those theatrical scenes of running away from home in anger, lovers should still be honest with each other. Even if you don’t want to go back for the time being, it’s okay. I think Lord Eymer will understand and support you. After all, it doesn’t make sense to make you such a big and passionate young man to stay honestly in the temple every day.”


“You haven’t even kissed a bird, and your words are not convincing at all.”


“But my analysis is well-researched! Believe me, I can’t be wrong.” 


Not to mention the words “miss him” did poke Chi Yan’s mind, so he just listened in silence afterwards, and did not refute it.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The black bird continued his efforts, “Besides, I guess Lord Eymer must be missing you too. But he is a god. He may be watching you anytime and anywhere when he misses you, and he can come to you while you are asleep at night. He can hug you in his arms to sleep and you won’t even notice it. But you can’t see him or hug him, and you can only think about him, so don’t you think this situation is unfair to you?”


It will never admit that it was surprised to see Lord Eymer appearing silently in Chi Yan’s bedroom two nights before. So it was not surprising when Lord Eymer appeared again last night.


“You talk a lot. It’s unfair to me. But I don’t want to go back to the God Realm to beg for mercy. That makes me seem too useless and desperate.”


“Well, then there is another way.” Blackbird tilted its head, and said word by word the way the god wanted it to communicate, “You can summon Lord Eymer and let him come here to see you.” 


“This is a common practice in the mortal world,” Blackbird continued, “the favoured ones in this Mortal Realm use this method to meet and communicate with the Gods they serve. If you don’t believe me, then you can ask your theological history teacher when you have the opportunity. If I read correctly, he should be the favoured one of the Goddess of Spring.” 


By the conscience of heaven and earth, no one dared to “summon” his god to see him in this world. Blackbird felt heartache for the lie and his conscience was being wiped out. The only weak conscience left in its heart whispered, I will watch Chi Yan closely and not let him fool around with other gods except Lord Eymer.


“That’s good.” From his childhood and smooth life experiences, Chi Yan had developed his decisiveness. He immediately decided, “I want to try to summon Ye Yingzhi tonight, and then talk to him.”


He looked at the black bird expectantly, “You know the method of summoning, right?” 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The method of summoning varies from person to person. For others, even if they set up an altar of thousands of people, they won’t even get to see the shadow of the evil god; but you probably just need to call his name and this is enough. The black bird thought silently in his heart.


But its voice sounded serious, like saying something important, “I know. Firstly, summoning requires an altar. It just so happened that the day I came, I found that there was an altar dedicated to the evil god in this academy. We can sneak there at night.”


The part about the altar was thought of by the bird. It was worried that if the summoning method was too simple, Chi Yan might be suspicious. And Lord Eymer’s instructions last night just before he left was that it had to “find a way to let Ah Yan take the initiative to see him, such as asking Ah Yan to summon the god”, but he did not mention any specific method. So it firmly believed that this part of free play could add points to its performance!




The main building of the Qin Shang Academy was located on the Academy Island of the Holy Lake, the largest freshwater lake in the Alpha Continent. There were also other academy buildings and sites scattered on several other small islands around it.


The Academy Island covered a large area. The west was flat and vast, and the main teaching building was built for daily teaching, assembly, accommodation and entertainment; the east had undulating terrain, mountains and hills, which was a natural field teaching and practice site. There was also accommodation for students and teaching staff. As there were deep and dangerous forests in the mountains, the school forbade students to enter the hinterland of the mountains without permission, and prohibition barriers were erected at a certain distance.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Blackbird had always lived in the evil god’s temple, so it was very sensitive to the evil god’s aura. It did not lie to Chi Yan as it sensed the aura of the evil god’s altar when it arrived here on the first day, and it was hidden at the back of the mountains. So after Chi Yan mentioned that he wanted to “summon” the evil god, it did not hesitate to take him to the place. As a divine bird, it didn’t care much about human taboos, it just needed to be careful to ensure that Chi Yan wouldn’t get into big trouble.


Chi Yan remembered the prohibited area at the back of the mountains, and whispered, “This is a prohibited area. We’ll be punished if we are found out.” He really didn’t want to violate the academy’s rules.


You have never been so obedient in front of the real evil god. Do you remember when you pulled the beard of the God of Plague until he cried when you were young? Blackbird grumbled helplessly as he didn’t understand how this lawless little demon king in the God Realm became such a good baby when he went to the Mortal Realm. But at the moment, of course, it was more important to let the evil god see his little demon baby as soon as possible.


“It’s okay if we don’t let them find out. They won’t find out anyway.” Blackbird felt like it had returned to the time when it was in the kindergarten for divine birds. It was the bad little bird which led the other good little birds to break the rules.


“Oh.” Chi Yan had not been taught how to socialise in human society, so his obedience and discipline were not strong. He didn’t insist after hearing this, and continued to follow the black bird to the depths of the mountains and forests. When passing through the prohibition barrier, the transparent barrier melted on Chi Yan like water, and it was not effective at all – the aura of Ye Yingzhi on him was too strong, and any magic would be ineffective on him. The school staff didn’t know this. After detecting that he was immune to magic, they only thought that he was a rare natural magic-free body, and this gave him extra points on his admissions application.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Before the forbidden area, there was an extremely complicated defense formation. If one didn’t know the correct way to get out of the formation, it would trap the intruder for half a year. And as the intrusion happened just half a month ago, the formation here was strengthened. But all these had no effect on Chi Yan who was being led by Blackbird. One person and one bird reached the black tower in the forbidden area smoothly.


The black bird pointed its wings at the black tower shrouded in the dense fog and tree branches and said, “This is it. I can feel that the altar of the evil god that can summon Lord Eymer is under this tower.”


Chi Yan pressed his hand on the pure black gate of the tower, then he stopped suddenly. He looked back at the black bird and said, “By the way, I still don’t know how to use the altar to summon. I remember that offering sacrifices to the gods requires sacrificial items, but we didn’t bring any for Ye Yingzhi. Do we need to go back and get them?”


“It doesn’t matter, no sacrifices are needed, “ Blackbird replied firmly, “You just need to follow my instructions when the time comes.”


Trust me, sacrificing yourself to Lord Eymer is the best.


The honourable evil god certainly wouldn’t resist such a small sacrifice offered on his own initiative.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


Chapter 143◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 145


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