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Chapter 145 Altar

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Chi Yan felt a bit wronged. He felt that he was being swayed by the blackbird in a daze, but he couldn’t tell where he was being swayed. Apparently, he had left the temple and ran away from home since Ye Yingzhi kept bullying him. Why did he have to offer himself as a sacrifice to him now in order to meet him?


This was so wrong. Chi Yan sat on the edge of the altar, lost in his thoughts.


At this moment, he was in the cellar under the black tower, touching a cold and hard blue-grey slate. The only light came from the faintly ignited blue magical flame above the central altar. The whole hall looked cold and dark, reflecting the magic totem on the round stone altar that rose two meters above the ground, manifesting traces of evil colour.


This hall was sealed. Behind the altar was an empty stone wall painted with unclear murals, and in the front were two thick black gates. The door was tightly closed at this time, but Chi Yan knew that there was endless darkness behind the door — because he came from there.


These two black magic doors with faintly attached divine power could block most intruders with ill intentions, but they wouldn’t block Chi Yan and Blackbird. Blackbird was a divine bird that grew up in the temple of the evil god, whilst Chi Yan was because of the very heavy evil god’s aura on his body — in fact, if the black gates had consciousness, they might even mistake him for the evil god and immediately bow down to greet him.


Chi Yan and Blackbird went straight to the altar behind the black gates. Blackbird pointed with its wings at the statue seated on the black gold seat behind the altar, “Look, that is the statue of Lord Eymer.”


Chi Yan used an illumination technique, went closer to take a look, frowned and said, “Nonsense, this doesn’t even look like Yingzhi. It doesn’t even have a face, it’s just a stone.” He even thought that if the holy statue really looked like Ye Yingzhi, then he would sneak it back to his bedroom for decoration, but he was disappointed.

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“Because Lord Eymer has never appeared in the lower realm in his true form.” Blackbird said, “The idols are only the sustenance of faith, and they can’t be very similar out of respect for the gods.”


Chi Yan lost interest in the statue and started to be busy around the altar according to Blackbird’s instructions, but he fiddled for a long time and only managed to ignite two clusters of fire on the altar and nothing else.


“Shhh, be quiet. I can feel there are other people outside and they are getting closer and closer to us.” The black bird raised its wings and made a silent gesture.


“Okay, I’ll whisper.” Chi Yan lowered his voice, “But how can I summon Ye Yingzhi? I have followed your method thoroughly.”


Although I can’t feel the slightest breath, I guess Lord Eymer is already by our side, watching all this. As for why he didn’t show up, I guess… The black bird flapped its wings slightly, “I guess we still need a sacrifice.”


Chi Yan looked at it suspiciously, “You said we didn’t need a sacrifice before.”


“Yes I lack experience.” Blackbird admitted its mistake, “ Listen to me, I am thinking, if you want to complete the summon, then you have to put yourself as a sacrifice to Lord Eymer. And there mustn’t be a third party around, so I will get out of here immediately, you take care!”


“By the way, there is one more thing. This is the sacrificial mantra that I specially found from your school library. You can lie down on the altar for a while and recite this. I will leave first.” A long note floated out of the feathers under the black bird’s wings. After dropping the note, it quickly flew out of the black gates and disappeared without waiting for Chi Yan to protest again.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

As a divine bird, it had no problem concealing itself.


Chi Yan was left sitting on the edge of the altar, feeling confused and aggrieved. He picked up the note that the black bird dropped and felt that he was indeed being deceived by the black bird.


He leaned on the altar and looked at the note with the light that lit up. After reading the writing on it, his eyes widened and he crumpled the note into a ball in his hand. He didn’t feel reconciled just after rubbing it. After thinking for a while, he flattened the note on his palm again, frowning and looking at it.


What is this. In the temple, even Ye Yingzhi at his most bullying moment had never let him say such creepy romantic words. 


The humans in the lower realm are terrible. Do they say this every time they summon God?


Chi Yan couldn’t imagine his theological history teacher, Mr. Hodge lying on the altar and chanting such a mantra to summon the Goddess of Spring. Is he sure he won’t scare the Goddess of Spring away?


However, the interaction between the Mortal Realm and the God Realm was originally very strange. When he was reading the theological history textbook, he also read a lot of ridiculous fallacies. Maybe the people in the lower realm wanted to use this method to summon gods and communicate with them?


Even though he had vaguely realized that he had been deceived by the black bird, Chi Yan was still not sure if the note that the black bird handed over to him was problematic. After all, in view of the current situation, if he did not follow the words on the note, he would not be able to summon Ye Yingzhi, and all the hard work of coming here today would be wasted.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

While hesitating, Chi Yan heard some footsteps and soft conversations coming from outside the black gates. Judging from the sound of it, there were more than one person. Blackbird was right, some people were coming after all. It might be because they had reached the deepest part of the cellar, so those people had less scruples and no longer deliberately concealed their movement and sounds. Chi Yan could hear them clearly.


The footsteps were getting closer and closer towards the black gate. Chi Yan was not sure if they could or would open the black gate to come in. His heart panicked and he was very nervous. He immediately laid in the center of the altar. If he went out at that moment, we would definitely encounter those people head-on and cause trouble. Blackbird was not there, and no one else here could give him an idea. But if he could summon Ye Yingzhi, then there wouldn’t be any problem. No matter what the situation was, Ye Yingzhi would definitely be able to solve it.


He laid on the altar, closed his eyes slowly, his facial expression became calm and read the sacrificial words written on the note softly, “……My dearest God, please come. Come and enjoy my beauty. I am willing to offer myself and everything I have to you. I am willing to be with you forever. I am your sacrifice and I will always belong to you……”


Countless faint fluorescent blue light spots gradually emerged around the altar and covered Chi Yan completely. Then the light spots gradually dispersed, floating and flooding the entire stone hall.


On the altar, another figure gradually appeared. At first, it was just a hazy phantom, and then it became more and more condensed, and finally condensed into the familiar appearance of the God that Chi Yan was familiar with.


The true body of the evil god had appeared. If the god hadn’t suppressed his power, the powerful divine pressure would instantly destroy the entire Holy Lake. But under Ye Yingzhi’s deliberate suppression, the entire academy didn’t know anything about it except Chi Yan. Even those few people outside the door didn’t notice that the evil god was just behind the door.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The old dean of the seminary suddenly opened his eyes from his sleep. Those eyes were awake, calm, and sleepless, carrying a trace of doubt. He felt a little uneasy in his heart, as if something was happening, whilst most people were kept in the dark and didn’t know anything.


The old dean immediately got up and asked his assistant to inform Mr. Hodge and several other important persons in the academy, “Tell the others that I am waiting for them in the black tower.”


Chi Yan saw the familiar figure – his lover whom he hadn’t seen for the past one month. His body movement was faster than his thoughts as he threw his arms around the man’s neck, “Ye Yingzhi.” To be honest, in his memory, he hadn’t separated from the man for such a long time before.


“My little baby.” The man kissed his forehead and eyebrows, sighed, helped him sit back on the altar, and whispered softly, “How can you be so cruel, just throw me aside and run away? Huh? Do you know how much I miss you this time…”


Then why didn’t you come to me? Chi Yan wanted to ask, but felt that this sentence was too weak and squeamish, so he didn’t say it out loud. At this time, he became more rational. Even though he was still held in the arms of his lover, he deliberately looked glum, turned his head and kept his gaze away from Ye Yingzhi.


“I have been looking at you.” Ye Yingzhi smiled and kissed his ear. “Seeing that you are doing a good job of managing things by yourself here, I can’t bear to snatch you back. Ah Yan, if you don’t take the initiative to find me soon, I’ll probably have no choice but to grab you away.”


Chi Yan turned to look at him, his black eyes widened slightly, “Yingzhi……you mean to say, you support me to develop freely in the lower realm?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Of course, you were born in the lower realm. A part of your life should belong here. I have never tried to shackle you in the God Realm, shackle you in my arms, and limit the space for your growth.” Ye Yingzhi looked at him sincerely. Suddenly he seemed to have thought of something and coughed a little shyly, “Of course, when you are by my side, I sometimes can’t restrain my actions and always want to keep you within my palms.”


He embraced his lover gently and laid down on the altar slowly. “Ah Yan, I dote on you because I love you; I protect you only because you are still too immature, too young, and have not fully grown up. Even though you were offered to me initially as a sacrifice, I have never regarded you as my dependent, my possession. If we belong to each other, then we both have each other. Whatever I have taken from you, gotten from you or asked from you, I will also give you my everything; I’ve taken your heart away, and I will also give you my heart.”


He dropped another kiss in Chi Yan’s ear, “You are the same as half of my existence.”


If Ye Yingzhi came hard on him, and if Chi Yan couldn’t get his way, he would quarrel with him, and Ye Yingzhi would surrender in the end. But Chi Yan was currently at the age of being young and rebellious, and what he couldn’t resist most was his lover’s tenderness. Suddenly, he had forgotten the fact that he had run away in a fit of anger from the bedroom in the god’s temple was because Ye Yingzhi had trapped him and made him lose his personal freedom. After listening to these words, his body softened and turned into a pool of water. Leaning in Ye Yingzhi’s arms, he kissed him back lightly, and quietly responded, “Ummm….”


He rubbed his head on Ye. Yingzhi’s chest, “Then I will study here first, and I will come to the altar to summon you when I have time.” It was said that the lower realm was not as developed as it was currently in the early years. Usually it was the husband who would go out to study while the wife would wait at home, and the couple would only get to meet after a long time. Chi Yan felt that Ye Yingzhi was his wife now who stayed at home and his heart was suddenly full of tenderness and affection for the other, and even a trace of guilt.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ye Yingzhi smiled and nodded. His brows looked gentle and told Chi Yan that it was okay, he could see him whenever he wanted.


Chi Yan felt even more guilty towards his lover. He raised his head and looked up at Ye Yingzhi, exposed his smooth neck, knelt on the altar, closed his eyes slowly, posed like a sacrifice and whispered his lover’s name, “Yingzhi……”


Ye Yingzhi narrowed his eyes, looked at the delicious look of his lover and couldn’t help but smile.


Just as the evil god was unscrupulously enjoying his sacrifice, there was suddenly some commotion outside the black gate. There were sounds of chanting spells and knockings on the stone wall. These voices reminded Chi Yan that there were people on the other side of the door.


He immediately pushed Ye Yingzhi away, “There are people outside.” 


The god stroked his lover’s back slowly, comfortingly and whispered, “It’s okay, don’t worry about them. They can’t come in, and they won’t hear us. Just treat them like they don’t exist.”


Chi Yan still couldn’t treat those people as if they didn’t exist, but thinking that he could only accompany Ye Yingzhi tonight, he endured it silently. Even then, he was very nervous throughout.


Finally, after an unknown period of time, those people quickly scampered away. Chi Yan laid on the altar dizzily, let out a sigh of relief and relaxed his body.


But the good times didn’t last long, and not long after a few sets of footsteps sounded.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

A voice said, “Yes, some people were here just now. They seem to have left right after they found that something was wrong.”


Another voice added, “It looks like they could not enter the Gate of Chaos.”


Those were the voices of Mr. Hodge and Mrs. Fufu, the teacher who taught the students The Principle of Magic!


Hearing the voices of the people he knew, Chi Yan cried out in shame and struggled to get down from the altar.


Ye Yingzhi caught his ankle and grabbed him back. At the same time, a stream of bright yellow curses appeared around the dim altar forming a shield to prevent Chi Yan from leaving the altar.


Ye Yingzhi pulled Chi Yan into his arms and kissed the corner of his eyes. He turned his eyes to the bright yellow curse protective shield and muttered, “Look, the curse that you’ve just casted. This is the restraining barrier formed by our sacrificial contract. You said that you would sacrifice yourself to God. You can’t escape until our sacrificial contract is reached.”


Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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Chapter 144◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 146


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