UAAG Air Crash Investigation Team Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 “R-I-P”

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Admist the white clouds and mist, a blue and white ERJ-190 passenger plane broke through the night and crossed the sky.


A faint spark spattered from below the left wing of the plant, and in the black crack above the wing, a swaying dark red was mixed in the endless darkness, like a fire beast hanging in the ashes, every moment of the flicker made people unable to breathe.


At a height of ten thousand feet, a hurricane with a speed of 430 knots per hour blasted into the gap in the wind fracture, but failed to extinguish the flame.


The plane stabilised.


But the huge roar hummed, drilling into people’s heads, shaking the world in front of them.


Inside the cabin, they were crying, trembling and hugging each other in fear. Only with tears could they vent the fear in their hearts at this moment.


In order to prevent herself from stumbling if the plane loses altitude suddenly, the stewardess clung to the seat with both hands and walked to the front cabin of the plane.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Picking up the microphone, she whispered in a dumb voice and contacted the pilot first. After obtaining approval, the cockpit door opened from inside and she walked in quickly.


The light dimmed rapidly, and the cockpit of the aircraft was different from the passenger cabin. There was no strong light source to illuminate it. In the almost dark environment, only the dense cluster of dashboards were emitting light, more like the night sky sprinkled with diamond-like stars.


The crew members have received professional training. The flight attendant did not dare approach the instrument, but stood at a distance and spoke loudly—


“The cabin is in stable condition. Thirteen people were injured. Two of them are seriously injured but their lives are not in danger for the time being.”


“From the passenger window, you can see that there is a gap on the upper surface of the left wing and there is a fire on the lower part. It is suspected that the engine is damaged, and the debris is splitting the wing.”


The captain turned around, his voice raised, “Is the engine damaged and the wing split?”


The flight attendant was stunned, “No, no, it was said by a passenger.” A pair of black eyes full of conviction and determination emerged in her mind, and she became firm, “Captain, there is an active pilot in the cabin. The pilot said that he would be ready at any time if the cockpit requests for help. He is proficient in all types of aircraft currently in service…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“You said that he is proficient in all models of aircraft currently in service?”


In the darkness, a strange male voice interrupted the stewardess. She seemed to have just realised that there was a third person in the cockpit. She lowered her head and saw the man crouching behind the engine controls at a glance. 


He was really squatting, his figure submerged in the night. Holding the two throttle levers of the engine with each hand. When he looked up sideways, half of his face was blocked by the shadows cast and because his nose was too thin and tall, like a knife, it revealed a coolness and indifference.


It’s hard to imagine seeing a third person in the cockpit of an airplane, a handsome man who is obviously unshaven. He seemed to have just woken up and cleaned up his black hair with a few strokes. A few strands of hair fell uninhibited in front of his eyes, and each hair strand revealed the same alienation and carelessness from the owner. His clothes were slightly wrinkled, his pupils were slightly darker, and a white light flashed occasionally across his slender neck—


It was a bluetooth headset, which was arbitrarily wrapped around the neck of its owner at this moment.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This overly superior skin made the stewardess forget to speak for a while, until the deputy captain cursed violently.


“Holy sh*t! There are still people making such jokes at this time. Proficient in all models in active service? Does he think he is God!”


This sentence was nothing but thunder, so much that the stewardess instantly sobered up and felt a chill in her heart.


The disaster happened so suddenly that she even forgot, how could anyone in this world be proficient in all models!


Training a good pilot is a long and arduous process.


Basic course learning takes about two years, followed by at least four months of flight training. You can’t fly a passenger plane without a flight license. For example, to fly this ERJ-190, you need to receive another six months of specific aircraft type training: only learning how to fly this ERJ-190 passenger plane for six months.


In other words, the pilot who can sit in the pilot position of this ERJ-190 has received at least three long years of training.


This is also limited to this aircraft.


Being teased in such an anxious situation, even an experienced captain cannot have a good face, “Passengers never know how the people in the cockpit are facing the difficulties of climbing Drina Mountain at this moment.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The flight attendant felt her mouth go dry. She was about to apologise when she heard a voice faintly say, “I know a pilot who is proficient in all types of aircraft in active service.”


“Mr Patrick?!” The captain looked at him in shock.


The stewardess followed the voice and looked down, but surprisingly the speaking Asian man had already turned his head, leaving only the back of his head. He manipulated the throttle stick intently and his voice was frivolous. But somehow the three people in the cockpit thought that he seemed extremely serious.


“An air force pilot in China seems to be like this.” After a syllable pause, he said casually, “But it doesn’t matter. Three people in the cockpit is enough. It doesn’t matter whether he is lying or telling the truth. Too many people having different opinions can be cumbersome when their opinions can’t be used.”


He whispered casually, “He doesn’t have to come.”


This person’s tone was calm and casual, and because of his high standing at the top, his tone carried a hint of command that could not be refused. The flight attendant didn’t think that anything was wrong, so she subconsciously wanted to go back to the cabin. She just turned around and remembered that it was the captain who really controlled the fate of the plane.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

She was surprised by her reaction for a moment, then looked up at the captain.


The captain nodded and said, “Just listen to Mr Patrick.”




Who is he?


The stewardess left the cockpit, feeling confused.


Before leaving, she heard the captain say to the deputy captain, “The situation is temporarily stable, hang up the emergency code 7700, open the Flight Operations Manual and inquire about the damage of the No 1 engine.”


The deputy captain quickly did as the captain said, followed by a rush of flipping through the books as he read through the catalogue.


“Page 137.”


This is the voice of Mr Patrick!


The stewardess exclaimed in her heart.


The deputy captain was surprised, “It’s really on page 137!”


The captain picked up the radio and pressed the switch, “Mayday Mayday Mayday, American Airlines Flight 2186 calling Boston…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The cockpit door closed tightly behind her, but the confusion in the stewardess’s heart was like a Pandora’s box, which was quietly opened—


Who is this mysterious Mr Patrick?




The stewardess quietly came to the cabin and explained the situation to Fu Cheng in a low voice.


Originally prepared to go to the cockpit for assistance, Fu Cheng was slightly surprised when he heard that his request was rejected by the captain. He shook his head and said, “Follow the captain’s arrangements.”


The stewardess bowed earnestly, “Thank you.”


Unable to enter the cockpit, all he could do was to protect himself and the people around him as much as possible.


The ERJ-190 passenger aircraft is a small short-haul passenger aircraft produced by Embraer in 2002. It can land smoothly even if one engine is turned off. The plane slowly approached Boston Logan International Airport with a disturbing tremor and through the small porthole, he could see the ground getting closer and closer.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Suddenly, two beeps sounded in the cabin, followed by the captain’s announcement.


“Good evening passengers, I am the captain of this flight, Stephen George. Our plane has a small problem, but please rest assured that we are working hard to control the plane. The plane will land at Logan International Airport in four minutes. Please fasten your seat belts and take a brace posture.”


When the voice fell, the flight attendants sat on the safety seats and said in a loud voice, “Bend down, bow your head, hug your knees!”


The passengers in the cabin lowered their heads anxiously, making the brace posture.


This is the four minutes that determines their fate. The three minutes before the plane takes off and the eight minutes before landing are called “Dangerous Eleven Minutes”. 80% of air crashes occur at this moment.


Fu Cheng lowered his head and hugged his knees quietly.


The passengers beside him didn’t know that it was most likely the last four minutes of their lives, but he knew it. He closed his eyes and wanted to watch his life flash past his eyes like in the movies. But what emerged in front of him was only an infinite expanse of whiteness, and a figure that was hidden at the end of the long white corridor and could never be seen clearly.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Three minutes more…


Two minutes to go…


Counting down the one minute…


5, 4, 3, 2—






The plane hit the ground hard, and the cabin was full of screaming and crying.


It hit hard on the track, but was not flattened into a pancake. After the violent shaking, the plane taxied forward. Fu Cheng suddenly raised his head and looked out the window. The flashes of fire trucks and police cars lit up on both sides of the runway.


The airport media standing at the end of the runway was already ready, and the spotlights, long cannon microphones and cameras were all in place.


The sweaty host looked at the camera and spit out excitedly, “Landed, landed safely! American Airlines Flight 2186 has landed smoothly at Logan International Airport at this moment, and it is still taxiing—”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Forty minutes later, Fu Cheng took the little girl’s hand and got off the plane.


Leaving the crowded place, the girl’s mother repeatedly thanked him and took her child from Fu Cheng.


“Thank you brother!”


Fu Cheng waved his hand and turned to leave.


Walking under the tall floor-to-ceiling windows of the terminal building, Fu Cheng looked at the plane hidden in the dark from a distance. The fire on the wing had long been extinguished by the fire engine, and the injured passengers were also picked up by the ambulances. Now a group of people had gathered around the plane, preparing to investigate the cause of the plane accident.


The last night of the Independence Day holiday was destined to be a sleepless night.


Fu Cheng retracted his gaze and saw a few men in black suits and work cards approaching him.


Fu Cheng stopped, surprised.


He didn’t expect the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) people to come so quickly.


The two sides passed by, like parallel lines that will never intersect.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The other party did not notice Fu Cheng.


Fu Cheng glanced back at those people.


He had things to do when he came to Boston, and he didn’t have time to stay. So he strode away.




After the NTSB investigators arrived at the scene of the accident, they immediately took photos of the scene. Some people entered the cabin of the aircraft and some came to the runway, and took photos of the tire marks on the runway.


The person in charge of this incident was a brown haired, tall man. Hearing what the staff on site said, he was surprised, “Is he also on this plane?” Then under the guidance of the staff, he walked through the crowd, across the bridge and came to the terminal building and saw a man with his back to the floor-to-ceiling window and his hands in his pockets.




The man lowered his head to listen to the music, but did not respond.



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He walked up to the other and finally attracted the attention of the man.


The man took off his white Bluetooth headset and raised his eyebrows, “Lawrence? Why are you in Boston?” He gave a mocking smile, “Oh, you were finally sent to the Boston branch?”


If it wasn’t for some friendship with the man in front of him, and knowing the other’s personality, Lawrence had no doubt that he would smash the man’s good looking face with a punch.


“I just came to Boston by accident.”


The man was wearing a black mask and white earphones around his neck. He was still listening to music in a leisurely manner just now, not like he had just experienced a terrible plane crash.


Lawrence knew that he could not have any expectations for the person in front of him, nor could he be forced to pay attention to politeness and remember to take off his mask when talking to others. But what he couldn’t bear was, “What are you eating?”


The man took off the mask with one hand, chewed vigorously a few times and lazily said, “Gum.” After a while, he thought about it and added another sentence, “Can’t you see it?”


Lawrence: …


Take a deep breath.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Patrick, I heard that you were also on this plane and entered the cockpit to assist in the landing? Maybe we can find a place to have a chat. Of course, if you are willing to spit out the gum and chat with me, I might be happier, happier than seeing an old friend.”


“Then can you change that sentence?”


Lawrence, “Huh?”


The man raised his hand to his back and Lawrence looked at it.




This airport has smoking rooms, but it is not open to passengers.


Lawrence took him to the smoking room dedicated to the crew. He asked the other people in the smoking room to leave because he needed to do some investigation and questioning. The other man skilfully took out a beautiful metal cigarette case and when he pressed his finger on the side, a cigarette popped out.


The man took out a long cigarette, took out the lighter he had just handed in to the security box and lit the cigarette.


Through the smoke, he narrowed his eyes slightly, and his deep pupils were dyed black.


Lawrence said, “First of all, congratulations my friend, you survived this plane crash.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Anyone killed?”


“No. It was a successful landing. There were no victims.”


Thin and long fingers gently clamped the slender cigarette and he said lightly, “I will never let my name not be used in front of me.”


Lawrence didn’t react for a while. He finally opened his mouth, and he spoke in fluent Chinese, “Zhuo Huan?”


Zhuo Huan glanced at him, “English name.”


Lawrence said the English name of the person before him blankly, “Reid Irvin Patrick…?”


Zhuo Huan laughed, his voice was nice and low.


Lawrence read his name several times, and suddenly he was taken aback, “R-I-P?!”


Rest In Peace—


Rest in peace.


I have never seen anyone scolding me like this before!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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