UAAG Air Crash Investigation Team Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 “I Know That You Are Called Fu Cheng.”

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Donghua Airlines is one of the largest airlines in China. There are only 14 planes between Shanghai and New York every day.


On the return trip, Fu Cheng was the deputy captain.


The sixteen-hour flight required three pilots on board to fly and rest in shifts.


At 9 am on July 6th, China time, a Boeing 777 known as the “Big Mac in the sky” came down from the sky. It broke through the viscous and hot air, and landed steadily at the Shanghai Airport. After the plane taxied into the gate and confirmation was received from the cockpit, the stewardess opened the doors and smiled and watched the passengers leave.


After filling out the flight schedule, Fu Cheng, as the deputy captain, returned to the office building of Donghua Airlines and submitted the flight report.


As soon as he entered the Donghua Aviation Building, the cool and comfortable air from the air-conditioning blast dissipated the heat. His heart that was originally hot and restless also quietened down.


Fu Cheng came to the fourth floor and handed in his flight report.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Right, that… Fu Cheng.”


Stopping, the black haired young man in the captain’s uniform turned his head, “Director?”


Director Xu smiled and said, “Something just broke out a few days ago. Let me tell you in advance. It is estimated that there will be an official notice in a few days.”


His brows furrowed slightly.


“What’s up?”


Director Xu asked him, “UAAG, have you heard of it?”


There was a moment of loss in his mind, but Fu Cheng still said, “I haven’t heard of it.”


“Its full name is United Aviation Accident Group.”


Hearing the full name, Fu Cheng suddenly understood. But what does this have to do with him?


Director Xu continued, “I don’t know who has such a great amount of energy. They established a multinational aircraft accident investigation organisation. The officials attached great importance to it. You will be notified in a few days that you are also specially recruited into this organisation.” Seeing that Fu Cheng was astonished, Director Xu explained, “Don’t worry, those who can join this organisation are not ordinary people. Take this opportunity to learn a lot from it.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fu Cheng’s lips moved, but he didn’t speak. He nodded slightly and turned away.


After Fu Cheng left, a deputy captain who also came to submit their flight report asked Director Xu in confusion, “Aren’t we only pilots, Director? What are we doing in the aircraft accident investigation organisation? Why are they finding a pilot after an air crash has already occurred. Can we figure out how the plane crashed?”


Director Xu held his cup of tea, “Well, I don’t know.”


Not to mention Fu Cheng, the entire Donghua Airlines has doubts about this special personnel transfer.


However, as Director Xu said, Fu Cheng had just returned from the United States in the morning and received a transfer notice two days later.


Donghua Airlines is a state-owned enterprise. The official transfer of personnel is generally not rejected by the pilots. But this is not a mandatory order.


The written notice that Fu Cheng received was a transfer letter written by Donghua Airlines. The notice only stated an address and a contact number. It was a landline, and he was also required to carry his passport with him when reporting to UAAG.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fu Cheng called, but no one answered.


The mysterious and unpredictable UAAG, like the thick fog in the early autumn morning, covered everything tightly, appearing strangely without leaving a trace of clues.


He will transfer on July 10th. Fu Cheng went home to rest for one night and was ready for his transfer. The next morning, he called UAAG’s landline.


Still no one answered.


… Is this organisation really reliable?


Fu Cheng made another call in silence. Hearing the female voice telling him that no one answered the phone, he drove a car over to the address on the notice.


Generally speaking, airlines are mostly adjacent to the airport, or in the suburbs far from the city center. Because of this, there is enough space to build a large warehouse for maintenance and repair of the aircraft.


UAAG’s headquarters is located in the center of Shenzhen, where every inch is worth its weight in gold.


There was row upon row of skyscrapers in the surrounding area, and luxury cars filed out. The white-collar elites in formal attire all walked in a hurry, and were not willing to waste even a second of walking. They had mobile phones in their hands, either making calls to discuss business or writing messages and sending emails.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The aroma of banknotes filled the air.


Fu Cheng came to the UAAG Building and was stopped by a security guard on the first floor without waiting.


He had not reported to UAAG yet. Without a key card, it was obviously impossible to enter the high-level office building with strict security.


Standing under the towering building, Fu Cheng looked up at the sky. With his eyesight, he couldn’t even see how high the building was.


He suddenly felt that it was a little funny.


A multinational cooperative aircraft accident investigation organisation, headquartered in a high-end building in Shanghai.


No one answered the phone.


The transfer notice was issued, but there was not even a signature belonging to UAAG on it.


The most ridiculous thing was that an aircraft accident investigation organisation would transfer a young pilot as an investigator.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Is today April 1st?”


Taking out his phone and looking at the date, he realised that he was still thinking that it was a joke. It’s a pity that today is certainly not April 1, and this is not an April Fools’ Day joke either.


Fu Cheng was thinking about how much it would cost to take a taxi from here to Donghua Airlines. Suddenly, his cell phone rang.


Looking at the phone number starting with “0033” on the screen of the mobile phone, Fu Cheng was slightly taken aback and pressed the answer button.




There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone, and soon a soft and gentle female voice replied, “Bonjour, vous parlex français?”


Fu Cheng smiled and responded, “Can you speak English?”


When the other side spoke again, she suddenly spoke in fluent Chinese, “Mr Fu Cheng, hello. I am Stephanie, a member of the UAAG. You can call me Lina. That’s my nickname.” She spoke quickly but in an orderly manner to not make people feel rushed. “It is 9:01am, July 10th, China time. You should have arrived at UAAG. I’m sorry, no one is at the headquarters at the moment. We are in Finland and we are working on a case.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fu Cheng responded, “It doesn’t matter, you speak Chinese very well.”


“Thank you.” Upon hearing this, the tall, blonde French girl showed a charming smile. Although she hadn’t seen the young man on the other side of the phone, she had already developed a good impression of him. “I have arranged the car and ticket for you. Please wait downstairs. A car will pick you up to bring you to the airport, where you will next go to Finland, in about 10 minutes. The license plate number is…”


After taking note of the license plate number that the other party said, Fu Cheng suddenly realised that he did not carry any luggage with him, but it was obvious that he was about to travel abroad.


Before he could speak, Lina said in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry about your luggage. When UAAG takes over the case, there are special reimbursement channels for all meals and daily expenses.” With a hint of a teasing smile, she kindly reminded, “I believe that you will be satisfied. Then, see you in Finland.”


“See you in Finland.”


Surrounded by urban elites in a hurry, Fu Cheng calmly waited downstairs with his hands in his pockets.


Until there was a harsh sound near him.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Oh? That’s how RIP treats his companions? He begged me to come, and he just hung up on me like that?”


The voice was immature, with a clarity that belonged only to a teenager.


Fu Cheng turned around and looked around. As expected, there was indeed a teenager with a green earphone hanging around his neck and a silver skull stud on his right ear. He was not tall and was about 160cm. He was wearing a large graffiti-style loose T-shirt. He was holding a black suitcase in his right hand and a phone in his left, his face full of resentment and impatience.


“… Why can’t I call him RIP? Hey, he’s called RIP. Tell RIP, I’m going back to Boston. Goodbye!”


“I will tell him in person? Is he in the country? If he appears in front of me now, I will tell him the same thing!”


The young man hung up the phone angrily and raised his head when he noticed that someone was looking at him.


Because the two stood very close and Fu Cheng was 183cm tall, the punk boy needed to raise his head to look at him.


It’s not a small height difference.


Punk boy: …



Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fu Cheng: …


What’s wrong.


At this time, a black Rolls Royce drove slowly in front of the two of them. The driver got out of the car and pulled open the door.


When the car approached, Fu Cheng could see its license plate number. Now the driver opened the door and he was about to enter. Unexpectedly, he bumped into a thin figure.


Both of them were taken aback.










Sure enough, all of you at UAAG are amazing!


The two got into the car.


Fu Cheng and the punk boy were sitting on both sides of the back seat. As soon as they got into the car, the punk boy seemed to have just noticed that it was a luxury car.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Hey, luxury car, RIP is really rich. I didn’t pay attention just now, RR?” The punk boy fumbled around excitedly. He pressed a button, and a sterling silver cigar box popped out on the left. When he pressed another button, the glass between the two and the front seat slowly turned into frosted glass, blocking the line of sight. The punk boy’s eyes shone and thousands of words came together in one sentence, “F***! It’s nice to have money!”


Fu Cheng nodded in sympathy.


However, this Rolls-Royce pick-up is just the beginning.


The two had just arrived at the Shanghai Airport, and before they got off the car, a beautiful stewardess opened the door for them.


“Dear Mr Fu, Mr Su, welcome.”


The other two flight attendants took their luggage from the trunk.


The punk boy was dumbfounded.


Fu Cheng had long known that the airport had such a service, but it was the first time he saw it himself.


The stewardess had a gentle smile, a nice voice and she looked very nice. After taking them into the lounge, they kept serving until they were sent to board the plane. The punk boy seemed to be stepping on the clouds, and he was very ecstatic. Fu Cheng followed thoughtfully and he remembered the sentence on the phone.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“I believe that you will be satisfied.”


UAAG was so rich?


Of course, the plane was also first class.


When they arrived in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, they got off the plane and changed to a Bently which came to pick them up.


The punk boy said blankly, “What the hell does UAAG do here?” After a pause, he turned to look at Fu Cheng beside him. Curiosity overwhelmed him and he couldn’t hold back, and asked in a low voice, “Eh, what are you doing at UAAG?”


This was also Fu Cheng’s first day, but he supported his chin with one hand, leaning on the soft leather seat, pondering for a moment and already had an answer in his heart.


“Say something.”


Fu Cheng looked down at him. His face did not have much expression and his voice was calm and quiet. “Six months ago, Japan Airlines flight JL917 flew from Tokyo to Helsinki. It crashed on farmland one kilometer from Vantaa Airport. 136 passengers and 9 crew members were killed and only 89 people survived.”


The punk boy’s expression froze.


The Bently stopped slowly. Fu Cheng glanced at the boy, opened the door and got out of the car.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This seemed to be a factory area, off the beaten track. The orange factory shed accommodated all the people and machines hiding in them. The car stopped outside a small two-storey building. At this time, the sky was dark, and a breeze blew across the vast ground, and the elegant fragrance of lily of the valley wafted into their noses.


The setting sun had not yet completely sunk into the horizon, and was hovering near the edge of the Earth in a magnificent orange-red colour.


From a distance, through the dim light, Fu Cheng saw a long black figure in front of the two-storey building.


As they got closer, the fragrance of the lily of the valley in the wind got stronger, and there was a thick tobacco smell.


This person was wearing a thin and simple white T-shirt, and he was not afraid of the low temperature of only ten degrees after night in Helsinki fell, and his two thin arms were exposed fully to the cold air. His upper body was sitting on the upper railing of the iron railings. Because he was too tall and the railing was too short, his two long legs had no space to be put comfortably. So he stepped on the lower railing with one leg and hung the other down diagonally.


He propped his left hand on the railing and leaned back to look up at the night sky. There was a cigarette in his right hand, emitting smoke.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fu Cheng’s footsteps were not deliberately hidden. This person should have heard it, but he still looked up at the sky without turning his head to take a look at him.


The slightly longer black hair was tied into a small bun behind his head with a crude rubber band, but most of his hair still fell and covered most of his face, only revealing a tall, cool and thin nose bridge.


Fu Cheng settled down, “Hello?”






“In addition to French, you can also speak Finnish?”


In the cold summer night, the man’s casual voice passed through the floral fragrance of the lily of the valley and the bitter taste of tobacco and fell on Fu Cheng’s heart. With a cigarette in one hand, he turned his head, tilted his head slightly, and looked at the black-haired young man in front of him with a smile. His thin lips formed an arc that could be called goodwill, but this smile made Fu Cheng feel like he was in an ice cave.


On the edge of the Earth, the last ray of light shone into the abyss.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He was severely thrown into the deepest part of the polar glacier, and the blood in his body froze the moment he saw the man.


His brain couldn’t work, and apart from trembling, his lips could no longer perform their functions.


Almost for an instant, he had the idea of turning around and running away.


At this moment, the sound of dragging luggage came from behind, and then the punk boy exclaimed, “RIP?”


Zhuo Huan let out a soft snort, “Huh? The defeated man?”


The punk boy became angry from embarrassment, “Who the hell is defeated!”


“I just defeated you at 21 o’clock 37 times.” He bit the cigarette with his teeth, and slid his slender leg down from the railing and straightened up. Zhuo Huan put his hands in his trouser pockets and raised his chin towards Fu Cheng, “Zhuo Huan.”


This was his way of introducing himself to him.


But Fu Cheng was stiff and couldn’t say a word.


Zhuo Huan laughed, bit a cigarette and turned around and entered the small building, “I know that your name is Fu Cheng.” After saying that, he lazily raised his head and waved towards the back without looking back.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He walked extremely dashingly and confidently, as if he knew that the two people would follow him in and that there was no second choice.


The punk boy dragged his suitcase and followed aggressively.


Just as the man’s figure was about to disappear into the shadow of the small building, the black-haired young man who had frozen outside the door also moved. He lifted his feet and walked in.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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