UAAG Air Crash Investigation Team Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 UAAG

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


Entering the small building, the first floor was empty, clean and smooth, like an empty warehouse.


Zhuo Huan walked in the front and behind him was a cursing punk boy. Fu Cheng was two meters behind them, following from not too far away. His gaze moved up involuntarily, stopped at the random bun tied up behind the man’s head, and he was a bit in a trance.


When he reached the top of the stairs, the man stopped, gave a light tsk, twisted the cigarette to pieces and threw it away.


There was no furniture on the entire first floor, only an ashtray was placed next to the stairs, filled with cigarette butts. The new cigarette butt was pinched out, and it was placed in the ashtray standing for a little while. When Fu Cheng went upstairs, he put it into the ashtray with other companions.


From the posture and strength of pinching the cigarette butts, there was no doubt that the cigarette butts in the ashtray should be the masterpiece of the same person. 


The three went upstairs together.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Zhuo Huan walked in the forefront, with his hands in his pockets, his body leaned forward slightly, two steps turned into one step and he soon disappeared.


The punk boy was quite inconvenienced by carrying the suitcase, obviously having neglected to exercise, and caught his breath after taking two steps. Fu Cheng lent him a hand along the way. The punk boy looked at him in surprise, his lips moved, and he didn’t say anything.


When he got to the second floor, a certain long-legged gentleman had already been sitting behind the computer, frowning and typing furiously on the keyboard.


“Let Adrain bring things here quickly. It’s been three days.” Mr Long Legs propped his right foot on the ground and the chair rolled back. He looked at a beautiful blonde girl, “You should know the limit of my patience.”


The girl smiled and poured some coffee, “But Adrian doesn’t seem to know.” She said, and brought the coffee to Zhuo Huan’s table. “I’ll remind him again. It’s time to put the ashtray at the door next time, Reid, you smell of smoke.”


Zhuo Huan took a sip of coffee, and it seemed that only then had he discovered that the two newcomers had arrived and looked at them.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The blonde girl walked in front of the two of them and was about to speak when Mr Long Legs stood up holding the cup of coffee, “New members, Fu Cheng, Su Fei. Get to know them.”


He opened his mouth, and all the staff on the second floor put down their work and greeted the newcomers.


After they all had a face-to-face meeting, everyone went back and continued to do things, leaving only the blonde, a kindly old white man and a tall and thin young man.


The blonde girl said, “Fu Cheng, Su Fei, we spoke on the phone. I’m Stephanie, you can call me Lina. You just came from China, are you tired? I have arranged for someone to send you to the hotel to rest first.”


Hearing this, the punk boy’s face changed slightly.


Before he could speak, Lina showed an impeccably perfect smile, “You might want to ask why didn’t we let you go directly to the hotel but come here instead? It’s actually my own opinion. I want you to get to know the members and your colleagues of UAAG first.” She has always spoken very fluent Chinese, not like a French. “Those are from NTSB, CAA and ICAO just now. I will introduce you to your colleagues from UAAG.”


Fu Cheng looked at the two people beside Lina.


The white old man stretched out his hand, “Hard Joseph.” He changed to fluent Chinese and blinked, “Call me old Joseph.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The young man on the side pushed the frame, his voice faint, “My name is Yi Su.”


Fu Cheng, “Chinese?”


Yi Su nodded.


The punk boy was very upset at first, but old Joseph was talkative and humorous, and the atmosphere was alive with a few words. Yi Su stood upright beside him, only occasionally responding.


Fortunately, five minutes later, the car arranged by Lina arrived, and Fu Cheng went downstairs with the punk boy.


When he went downstairs, Fu Cheng glanced back.


The man was standing by the window looking at a document.


The moonlight fell on his face as he looked down at the information intently.


Suddenly, he turned his head.


Their eyes meet midway.


Fu Cheng turned his head quickly.


Only when Lina finished sending people back did Mr Long Legs stop reading the information. He touched his chin, took it in his pocket for a long time, then seemed to realise something, and reluctantly took a piece of chewing gum from the table and threw it into his mouth.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree



“He has an opinion about me.”


Lina, “Su Fei? He is quite hostile towards you. He was very angry when I talked to him on the phone, and accused you of not letting you fly to Helsinki directly from Boston but instead troubled him by asking him to go to Shanghai first.”


“I mean Fu Cheng.”


Lina was startled, “Evan Fu? Really?”


“I think so too.” Old Joseph interjected with a smile, “Probably because he thought that you are not as handsome as him?”




“What a joke.”


“Are you kidding me?”


The wealth of UAAG continued to refresh the imagination of the two newcomers.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This time the car that took them to the hotel was a Rolls-Royce, and the hotel had one room for each person, and they were all suites.


Even when considering the jet lag, within an hour, Fu Cheng received a call from Lina.


“Old Joseph proposed to celebrate the new arrivals by going to the bar to drink. In fact, he wants to drink. If you are not very tired, you are welcome to join us. I will arrange a car for you.”


Ten minutes later, Fu Cheng and Su Fei were sitting in the booth of the bar, with the excited Old Joseph next to them.


“I don’t like Finnish wine. Finnish wine is not tasteful enough. Like a little girl. Only Muskie is a bit interesting.” After spitting out some Chinese unceremoniously, old Joseph raised his hand to invite the waiter and changed to speaking in English, “Bring a glass of Muskie. Oh, I really love Finnish wine.”


The waiter smiled and nodded, “Would you like anything else?”


Su Fei immediately raised his hand, “I want a glass of liquor.”


“In 1983, Brothers conducted a social brain experiment. Through SPECT scanning of isotopes, it was found that alcohol had a lowering effect on the metabolism of the prefrontal lobe of the brain, causing the cerebral cortex to shrink, affecting the transmission of GABA, serotonin and neurotransmitters.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

After a pause, Zhuo Huan spit out the white smoke ring and smiled casually, “In other words, he will become stupid.”


Everyone, “…”


Old Joseph, “I suspect that you are targeting me.”


Zhuo Huan, “Your prefrontal lobe has matured, and a little alcohol would not affect it.”


Old Joseph, “Oh? What do you mean by this?”


“Minors are different.”


Su Fei, “…”


“F***, do you want to fight?!”


Zhuo Huan didn’t even blink, “You can’t beat me.”


Su Fei stopped Fu Cheng without saying a word, “Brother, beat him up with me.”




The black-haired young man smiled gently, “I can’t beat Teacher Zhuo either.”


Zhuo Huan raised his eyes and quietly condensed towards Fu Cheng.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The punk boy rubbed the back of his head in a daze, “Why did you call him Teacher Zhuo.”


Fu Cheng, “Mr Zhuo is very famous in the Chinese aviation industry, and many people respect him.”


Su Fei, “Huh?”


Old Joseph’s Muskie arrived. He took a sip and added to the topic, “Reid is well-known in the global aviation industry, haha, but this is the first time I heard someone call him Teacher.”


In the end, everyone ordered a glass of wine.”


Su Fei said slowly, “I’m so smart but stupid enough to be more friendly to ordinary people.”


Lina took his cup away, smiled and said, “You are drunk.”


Fu Cheng took a sip and went to the balcony of the bar to breathe some fresh air.


At night, there were a lot of people drinking in the bar, and even more people were smoking. All kinds of flavours were mixed together and it was smoky there.


In fact, he has never liked drinking.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Drinking was forbidden when he was serving in the Air Force, after transferring to civil aviation, drinking was also forbidden 24 hours before flight, so he drank nearly no alcohol.


Twenty hours ago, he was still in the Chinese City Center, not knowing what he was going to do.


Twenty hours later, he stood under the night sky in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.


He found UAAG, but he seemed to be even more at a loss.


He didn’t know how long it took, but when Fu Cheng turned around, he saw a person suddenly standing behind him.


He was very startled for a moment.


Fu Cheng, “Teacher Zhuo.”


Zhuo Huan leaned against the open glass door on the balcony, the light was cast on half of his body. His upper body was hidden in the shadows, his arms folded, his legs overlapped, and his posture was casual. He was chewing gum, his dark eyes looked like inorganic gems and he stared straight at Fu Cheng.


It felt a bit like he was a prisoner being tried, muffled, and it made him seem like he was staring at people like he was about to kill them.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Many people in the Chinese aviation industry respect me?” Zhuo Huan suddenly said.


Fu Cheng smiled and said, “Yes.”


“Including you?”


“Including me.” His answer was decisive and straightforward.


Zhuo Huan’s eyebrows moved lightly.


Fu Cheng bowed and walked out of the balcony. He turned his head around and saw that after he had left, Zhuo Huan lit a cigarette, bit it and was looking up at the night sky.


Turns out he wanted to smoke.


Turning a corner, the figure of the person behind him was completely gone.


In an instant, the smile on his face suddenly collapsed.


Sounds loud like smashing mountains and choppy seas sounded in his mind, some howling, some yelling and some were coldly announcing the death notice. The moment he returned to the bar and saw old Joseph and the others, the voices stopped abruptly.


Fu Cheng smiled and walked over.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

One night, old Joseph drank the most alcohol and everyone else only drank a little.


Yi Su carried old Joseph back to the hotel and brought him back to his room.


Lina, “Tomorrow at ten o’clock in the morning, a car will pick you up from the hotel downstairs.”


Su Fei was drunk and extremely excited, “Got it!”


The next morning, a Rolls-Royce picked up the group and brought them back to the factory area.


Old Joseph was the last to arrive. When he arrived, Zhuo Huan was discussing a document with Yi Su, while Fu Cheng and Su Fei were talking to Lina.


Old Joseph said, “I’m not late, am I?”


Zhuo Huan raised his head. His voice was quick and cold, “You are late.”


Before Old Joseph could speak, Zhuo Huan closed the files and stood up straight, “You should continue with yesterday’s work. Lina, I want to see Adrin’s report before two o’clock this afternoon.” Then he looked at Fu Cheng, “You, Yi Su and me, the three of us will go back to the site for a final on-site collection. The site will be simulated and restored tomorrow.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Su Fei asked, “What about me?”


“You? Look at the information.”


Su Fei retorted, “I do not major in this area. You know what I am good at. You asked me to come here just to read the case information?”


Zhuo Huan seemed to hear something interesting, “Do you know how JL917 fell?”


Su Fei hesitated, “… Half a year ago, it fell into a farmland one kilometer away from Vantaa Airport.”


“I asked you, how did it fall?”


The punk boy had nothing to say, “In the area I am good at, I don’t need to know this!”


“In September last year, you were invited by Boeing to help NTSB restore data from the damaged FDR (Flight Data Recorder) of Air France 405. But you are now a member of UAAG. you must at least know why those 145 people died on the land you are standing on.”


Su Fei’s face flushed red, “I don’t know the reason. If the investigation results have come out, then we don’t need to stand here at all.”


“Because the engine stalled.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The eyes of the crowd turned to the black-haired young man who spoke.


Fu Cheng stood across from the table and said calmly, “On December 19, 2019, a JL917 F435 flown by Japan Airlines took off from Tokyo and crashed one kilometer east of Helsinki Vantaa Airport. As the plane was approaching during its descent at 500 feet, all four engines of the aircraft suddenly turned off, causing the aircraft to crash.”


Su Fei, “The engines stalled?”


Old Joseph smiled and said, “Yes. It was discovered six months ago that the four engines stalled together, which caused the accident. However, the reason for the stalled engines have not been found yet.”


Fu Cheng continued, “At present, there are generally only four reasons for engine stalls known to the public. First, the fuel was exhausted; Second, the weather; Third, the aircraft system was faulty; Fourth…”


Zhuo Huan smiled softly.


“Artificial means.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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