UAAG Air Crash Investigation Team Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 “It’s a Reward, Cold Humour Partner.”

🌺Translated by Beanie 🌺


JAL JL917 crashed into a farmland one kilometer east of Vantaa Airport.


Half a year later, this vacant lot has already been demarcated by Finnish officials, and no one else was allowed to enter until the results of the accident investigations are released.


A F435 aircraft could accommodate more than two hundred people, soar in the sky and is a giant that obscures the sky and sun. When it fell to the ground, its long wings hit the ground hard, leaving the scars half a year later. It was very shocking.


JL917 is owned by Japan Airlines, and the aircraft manufacturer is the American McFly Corporation. The aircraft accident investigation was led by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) with assistance from the Japan Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau, NTSB and McFly.


UAAG was specially invited by the European Aviation Safety Agency to participate in the investigation a few days ago. Now UAAG requires another on-site data collection. More than 20 staff members entered the scene to do the final collection work.


Fu Cheng pulled the yellow cordon aside, bent over and entered the scene of the crash.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

On about half a square kilometer of land, weeds grew in the wind. But among these weeds, there are pieces of land that have been burned. They seemed similar to growing on human skin, which is difficult to get rid of, and the ground was dazzlingly mottled in front of them.


“The JL917 carried 140 tons of fuel when it took off. When it landed, there was less than 5 tons of fuel left on the left and right wings. Because of the sudden crash, a fuel explosion occurred, and a fire broke out. That’s why this land was burnt like this.” Yi Su explained to Fu Cheng, while pushing the glasses on his nose bridge up.


Fu Cheng was a newcomer and didn’t know much about the situation of the crash. As a companion, although Yi Su had an introverted personality, they had created a friendship from drinking last night.


Fu Cheng, “So the reason that the fuel ran out can be eliminated.”


Finland is one of the countries with the lowest aviation accident rate in teh world. Before this major air crash, Finland’s worst air crash occurred in 2014. The accident caused 8 deaths and 3 missing people.


Even though the accident happened more than half a year ago, many tourists still came by this open space surrounded by the cordon when they headed to Vantaa Airport.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When living in a foreign country, Fu Cheng and Yi Su subconsciously used English to communicate.


As soon as the two of them spoke, not far away, there were onlookers who were surprised and started muttering to their companions.


“Run out of fuel? Shit, can the plane still crash like this? Don’t they fill up the tanks with enough fuel?”


Fu Cheng turned his head and glanced at those people for a while.


The reason for the plane crashing due to the lack of fuel sounded outrageous, but it has happened more than once in the history of human air disasters.


On December 28, 1978, when United Airlines Flight 173 landed at Portland International Airport, the two captains were focused on repairing an instrument failure due to a display failure of the aircraft. Thus, they did not notice that the fuel was exhausted and the plane eventually crashed.


On August 6 2005, Tunisian International Airlines Flight 1153 used the wrong fuel quantity indicator, which resulted in a loss of 2 tons of fuel. Finally, they failed to reach their destination and made a forced landing at sea.


The aircraft will never fully fill up the fuel tank because it was extremely uneconomical and greatly increases the cost of flight.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Moreover, excessive fuel will increase the risk when the plane is landing.


Obviously, the burnt ground on the field was also a reminder that when the JL917 crashed, there was still fuel on board.


Fu Cheng settled down.


Today is a sunny day, and the cool wind was blowing from the blue waves of the Gulf of Finland, mixed with a hint of salty water. If Fu Cheng inadvertently looked at the man standing not far away, he would see him put his hands in his pockets, raise his head to the sky and close his eyes slightly.


His long hair was blown back by the wind and he seemed to be listening to the sound of the wind.


The next moment, this picture was instantly broken. Fu Cheng hurriedly turned away, and Zhuo Huan walked over unhurriedly, and his slightly cool voice sounded from behind Fu Cheng, “Re-measure the initial impact point, ground fire zone, flight track…”


On the other side, in the investigation team headquarters.


“Fuel exhaustion has been ruled out, so the aircraft system failure, weather and human factors are left?” Su Fei held the accident data of JL917 in his hand, but didn’t read a word, craned his neck and said curiously, “It feels pretty simple.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Old Joseph looked at him amusedly, “Is it simple? The weather could almost be ruled out as a reason. The day of the plane crash was a rare day with good weather in Helsinki. The weather was fine, and the wind speed was at 5 to 15 knots. You can never find such good weather again.”


Su Fei clapped his hands, “Isn’t it easy? Only aircraft system failures and human factors are left.”


“The human factor depends on the blackbox. Perhaps, the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder) will give us the answer, but now the black box is still being repaired at the Maifei head office. The explosion happened to destroy the core of the black box.”


The punk boy stood up, “RIP begged me, just for this!”


Old Joseph laughed. He looked at the 3D model of the aircraft in the computer, and suddenly thought and asked, “Speaking of which, this is Maifei’s aircraft, has Reid participated in the design of this aircraft?” He turned his head and looked at Lina.


“The F435 was an airplane from the 1990s, when Reid was just born. Of course, as far as I know, he has not participated in the subsequent improvements.”


“That makes sense.”


At the scene of the aircraft accident, Yi Su and other staff assembled the on-site scanner and began to scan the scene.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fu Cheng was also a layman in this aspect, and only listened to Yi Su, who told him that after they scanned the area, they could directly use the data to build the model of the aircraft after getting back.


He squatted down, stretched out his hand, and stroked the scorched piece of land on the ground.


It started with a cold temperature, and here was the initial point of impact. Six months ago, JL917 ended its journey of no return.


JAL JL917, using the F435 aircraft produced by the McFly Corporation in 1991.


That plane… he also flew it.


However, he did not notice that not far away, a man was looking at him quietly with his eyes down.


His black coat was wide open, so when the wind blew, his coat flew backwards. He watched as long as the black-haired young man stroked the burnt piece of land. Halfway through watching him, he even took out his phone with great interest, opened its clock app and wanted to use the stopwatch to time him. It was a pity that Fu Cheng stood up at that moment.


The black-haired young man walked up to him blankly and said politely, “Teacher Zhuo, do you think something is wrong with me?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Zhuo Huan raised his eyebrows, “Was it so obvious?”


His implication was, so you can see it so clearly?


Fu Cheng was speechless.


Fu Cheng calmly said, “At the hotel last night, I checked a lot of information about the air crash, but I still don’t understand why you want to transfer me to UAAG.” After a pause, he continued, “I’m just a pilot without any experience in the investigation of aircraft accidents.”


Zhuo Huan replied, “There was an active-duty pilot of China Donghua Airlines on board, who is proficient in all types of aircraft in active service and has the ERJ-190 flight qualification permit—”


“If necessary, he’ll be ready at any time.”


Fu Cheng’s eyes widened suddenly.


“Were you on that plane too?”


Hey, no honourifics were used.


Zhuo Huan’s eyebrows moved upwards.


At once, many strange things were answered in Fu Cheng’s mind.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Who could the high-level officials of LaGuardia Airport pay attention to and personally go to the crew waiting room to receive him; why his kind offer to help out on the out of control plane was refused by the captain.


Because of Zhuo Huan.


Because that person is Reid Irvin Patrick.


“It’s almost time to go back.” Zhuo Huan took a piece of chewing gum from his pocket and threw it into his mouth. He handed it to Fu Cheng, “Want one?”


Fu Cheng looked at him with a complicated mood


“I’ll take that as a no.” Zhuo Huan put the gum back in his pocket, put his hands in his pockets and strode away. Halfway through, he stopped and looked back at the black-haired young man standing there, “By the way, I’m very curious, why have you been looking at the initial impact point for so long just now?”


Fu Cheng did not speak.


When Zhuo Huan saw that he didn’t answer, he didn’t speak any more, turned and left.


Looking at this person’s back, Fu Cheng’s eyes darkened, without a trace of expression on his face.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“Getting along with Zhuo Huan… makes it a little difficult to breathe.”


Fu Cheng turned around and saw Yi Su, who had packed up the equipment when he wasn’t looking, and had walked over.


Yi Su pushed his glasses up, and said with a smile, “The data has been scanned and you can make a model when you go back. In fact, UAAG was established less than three months ago and I only joined the organisation last month. When I heard that I was transferred to UAAG, I was so surprised and also didn’t understand why I was transferred here…”


Fu Cheng was about to speak.


Yi Su said, “I am different from you. I have heard of you, Major Fu, the youngest air force major in China. You are a genius. You transferred to civil aviation for personal reasons half a year ago. You are a legend in China’s aviation industry. I couldn’t believe that anyone could master all models. As for him…”


Yi Su looked at the man who had reached the edge of the cordon.


Zhuo Huan.


The yellow cordon was nothing in front of this person, and he stepped over it with his long legs.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yi Su’s tone made it difficult to conceal his admiration. He seemed to sign heavily before saying, “Are there really people in the Chinese aviation industry who don’t admire Zhuo Huan?”


“Then is his image as your idol shattered now?”


Yi Su didn’t react for a while, “What?”


Under the setting sun, the black-haired young man’s face was against the faint glow, and the hairs on his face were clearly visible. He raised his mouth slightly, his voice was gentle and he smiled and said, “I mean, it turns out that Zhuo Huan is such a person.”


As soon as the three of them returned to the headquarters of the investigation team, the punk boy leaned forward towards Zhuo Huan.


Although Fu Cheng didn’t think that the relationship between the two of them was very good, Su Fei first waved his hand enthusiastically, then looked at Zhuo Huan, his face suddenly changed, “Heh, RIP, I already know that you did everything possible to treat me well in Boston. I will repair the black box of the JAL 917. If even I can’t fix it, absolutely no one in this world can fix it.”


Zhuo Huan sneered, “So confident?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Su Fei got very angry when he heard that. Before he could speak, Old Joseph came out to speak, “Reid, do you know who you are provoking?”


Su Fei straightened his chest.


Zhuo Huan stretched out his hand lazily, and pulled on his ears, “Who?”


Old Joseph coughed, “Won the IMO gold medal at the age of 13, nominated for the Turing Award at the age of 16, and graduated from Harvard with a master’s degree at the age of 17…”


Every time Old Joseph spoke, Yi Su’s expression showed more shock.


Old Joseph was still continuing, “… My Su Fei, a well-known scholar who is now being invited by leading companies in the industry.”


Zhuo Huan said, “Huh? Wait, isn’t that Sphoie?”






Su Fei, “…”


Lina, “…”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yi Su, “…”


Old Joseph shrugged, Yes I will let them do what they like.


Fu Cheng laughed.


Everyone’s eyes swept towards him.


Even Zhuo Huan looked at him in surprise.


Fu Cheng, “…”


…Do you really think it’s funny?


The punk boy became furious and said to Fu Cheng, “I still treated you as my best friend! No more! No more!”


Everyone laughed.


It was noisy for a while, and soon, everyone went to do their own things.


In the moonlight, Fu Cheng was looking at the photos of the wreckage taken by the European Aviation Safety Agency before, and suddenly, a shadow blocked the light. He raised his head.


This man really had an appearance comparable to his popularity. Even from a bottom-up angle, his perfect jawline and high nose bridge was still impeccable.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Fu Cheng’s lips moved. For a long time, his voice was calm, “Mr Zhuo?”


Zhuo Huan took a piece of chewing gum from his pocket, laughed lowly and put it in his palm.


“It’s a reward, cold joke partner.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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