The Haunted Chapter 133 Possessed

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Chapter 133 Possessed

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Chi Yan came out of the mourning hall, told Ye Yingzhi about the ghost and the old man, and that the old man and his assistant would follow them into the mountain the next morning.


The old man told Chi Yan that they should not alert the ghost and reveal their existence. So he and his assistant would be following a distance away behind them and they would be using a magic tool to hide their human breath.


Chi Yan also conveyed to Ye Yingzhi the precautions that the old man had told him.


Until now, Chi Yan was unable to decipher his lover’s attitude towards these weird things. Ye Yingzhi never doubted his words like those people in the past had. He never said that those things did not exist, that he was just frightening himself or did he panicked after hearing all the things that Chi Yan said. All these while, he was calm and comforted Chi Yan and even persuaded and supported him to return to this place and find out the truth.


This time, Ye Yingzhi also appeared to be very calm. He didn’t react to the appearance of the ghost and the old man. He patted Chi Yan’s shoulders and smiled gently, “Let’s go there, as long as we can settle this matter that’s bothering you.”


Early next morning, just as the sky brightened up, the ghost appeared in the inn and called on Chi Yan and Ye Yingzhi to leave for the mountains.


After so many years, there was still only one inn in Hongtu Village. The old man and his assistant stayed in the same inn as Chi Yan and their rooms were not far apart. Before embarking on their journey to the mountain, Chi Yan sent a message to the old man. The old man and his assistant were all packed and ready to go. After they received Chi Yan’s message, they quietly followed behind them, always keeping them within their sight.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There was a thin fog in the canyon, just like the last time when Chi Yan was here. Their mobile phones lost their signals shortly after entering the mountainous canyon.


Before their trip to the mountain, Chi Yan anticipated that they might have to survive in the wild for quite a long time, so he prepared sufficient food, water and lighting equipment. He also distributed the magic tools for exorcising evil spirits evenly into the two large mountaineering backpacks just in case he and Ye Yingzhi got separated for some reasons, they had supplies to survive separately on their own.


But Ye Yingzhi insisted on carrying all the heavy stuff and left Chi Yan to carry the lighter food and paper charms which he didn’t know if those charms were even useful at all. Chi Yan argued with him, but Ye Yingzhi kissed him and refused to let him have his way.


Chi Yan already knew that the thing leading the way was a ghost. Having experienced Liu Shun leading him in the past before, Chi Yan knew that it might just lead them to a certain cave without harming them. He did not dare to get too close to that ghost. Unlike Liu Shun, this ghost which looked like Cheng Tao did not take the initiative to approach them, instead it kept a distance away from them and led the way in silence, which was what Chi Yan wanted.


The old man and his assistant also maintained a distance between Chi Yan and themselves. The valley that was covered with mist was vast and secluded, as though there were only two of them.


Ye Yingzhi suddenly reached out and grabbed Chi Yan’s hands firmly and said, “.. So what are you worried about, insisting that the supplies are evenly distributed and kicking up a fuss? How can we get separated if we hold hands like this?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Then he held Chi Yan’s hand tightly and looked at the road in front of them. He set his sight at the far horizon but the voice that Chi Yan heard  was extremely gentle, as if surrounding him, “Even if you went missing, I’ll be able to find you quickly.”


Ye Yingzhi said this so casually that Chi Yan felt as though his heart was warm like melted chocolate being held in the palm. He couldn’t bear to bicker with him again over his recklessness in distributing the supplies in their backpacks earlier on but frowned and muttered, “Why are you so confident? You are not a god.”


Ye Yingzhi frowned and reproached him, “Don’t believe in these superstitions, there is no god in this world.” 


The two of them held hands, leaned on each other, whispered sweet cheesy words to each other and talked about other boring and trivial stuff. For a while, they felt extremely happy in each other’s company and had totally forgotten about the ghost, the old man and his assistant. They even almost forgot about what they had come for.


The ghost that was leading the way, stopped occasionally and waited for them to catch up while the old gentleman followed a distance away behind them.


Even though their journey was much faster than when Chi Yan followed Wang Sheng and the others, it seemed that the ghost had been leading them along the main route in the canyon. At about slightly after three o’clock in the afternoon, the ghost led them to the entrance of a very remote cave.


The old man had no intention of letting the ghost get away after it led them to the cave. If he were to let it get away that day, it might harm other innocent passers-by in the future.


So as soon as they reached the destination, the old man and his assistant quickly stepped forward and trapped the ghost with a few red ropes which had been soaked in rooster blood. This ghost was not a powerful one. It just had a human figure, could confuse people and helped those evil spirits attract humans for blood. After trapping the ghost, the old man quickly pasted paper charms on it. The ghost wailed and then disappeared.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Although Chi Yan couldn’t see the ghost’s face clearly, it’s dressing and appearance resembled Cheng Tao. Seeing that the ghost disappeared completely, Chi Yan felt extremely uncomfortable and uneasy, as though his heart was wrapped with a plastic cling wrap. At this time, Ye Yingzhi interlocked his fingers with Chi Yan’s and clasped his hand silently.


Chi Yan turned his head to look at Ye Yingzhi who looked gentle and indifferent as before, and then his heart settled and calmed down.


After that, the old man informed Chi Yan and began to perform rites for Wang Sheng and the other three friends.


The old man knelt down and drew a magic circle on the ground with the help of his assistant. Then he placed joss sticks on several key positions and pasted talisman paper, sat cross-legged in front of the magic circle, closed his eyes, and started to chant spells with his mouth.


Chi Yan didn’t understand this type of spell-casting procedure. He just felt that it was mysterious and vaguely familiar, but he couldn’t remember where he had seen others casted spells. These thoughts quickly flashed past in his mind but his heart was more thankful to the old man. Regardless of whether this spell was effective or not, the old man, who had no dealings with him in the past, was willing to take this painstaking trip with Chi Yan just because he happened to visit and pay respects to that old woman during the funeral wake. For this, Chi Yan was very grateful.


A while later, the old man opened his eyes, stood up again, and nodded to Chi Yan, “I have finished performing the rites. Now we are left with the last procedure. Your cousin’s bones are still at that place where you came out of the cave the last time. As long as you bring his bones out and bury it, everything will be okay. Otherwise, he will not be at peace.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

When Chi Yan heard this, he was baffled and hesitated, “…Didn’t you tell me yesterday not to enter the cave no matter what the ghost said? How come now you’re telling me to enter, will it be dangerous?”


The old man shook his head and replied, “Things change according to the situations. You can do what I said, I have already performed the rites so there will be no danger.”


Chi Yan still felt very uneasy. “I remember when I was in the cave the last time, I kept hearing voices whispering, “He’s going to wake up.” The hair on my body all stood up. Do you know what was going on?” 


The old man turned towards the cave in front of him, pointed at it and replied, “If I read it correctly, there is a cathode inside, which gathers the most yin and ghost energy in this world. The ghosts, evil spirits and demons that are attracted by this evil energy will gather here and use this cave as their backing. Over time, this place itself will breed these demons. So it is not strange when you say you saw those evil things or had an unexplainable experience. What you saw and heard the last time might even be only the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure there are even more evil spirits hidden inside. But at the same time, the cathode itself might become the king of all evil which all the other evil spirits were afraid of. The “He” you heard might refer to this king of evil spirits, but it had been in a deep slumber, so those things dared to be so rampant. When they perceived that the king of evil was about to wake up, they would naturally feel uneasy.”


After listening to the old man’s words, what he had contacted with was only the “tip of the iceberg”. There was yet another even more powerful evil spirit which all the other evil spirits feared of. Chi Yan’s heart beat like a drum as he looked at the entrance of the cave with hesitation.


Seeing that Chi Yan was so scared, the old man took three incense sticks out of his bag, “Light these incense sticks if you are still afraid. These incense sticks will lead the way and exorcise evil. As long as you get out of the cave before the third incense stick burns out, there will be no problem.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The incense sticks were very thick and long, and were made of special materials. If they were to burn them one by one, the three sticks would take about one day and one night to burn out. Chi Yan calculated the time based on his memory and felt that this time was enough. Then he remembered his cousin pushing him out of the cave back then and hurried him, “get out quickly”, and finally made up his mind. He whispered to Ye Yingzhi, “Yingzhi, I’ll go in by myself. I will quickly come out after collecting my cousin’s bones. You heard the old man’s words, there will be no problem.”


Ye Yingzhi looked at him quietly and held his hand tightly. 


Chi Yan looked at his lover and dazed for a moment. Then he lowered his head and held his hand back firmly.


Seeing that Chi Yan had decided to go in, the old man said, “I’m old and can’t take this journey so I won’t be accompanying you both. I’ll return to the inn and rest.”


Chi Yan had no objection and respectfully agreed. The old man said goodbye and the four of them separated. Chi Yan and Ye Yingzhi walked towards the entrance of the cave, while the old man and his assistant returned the way they came from.


After walking for a while, the old man suddenly turned his head and looked baffled at his assistant, “Where are those two boys? Why aren’t they following us? Or are they walking in front of us?” 

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The assistant stopped and looked at the old man with surprise, “You just let the young man go into the cave to collect his cousin’s bones. You even told him about the cave, and don’t know what cathode, evil spirits and so on. Then when you saw that he didn’t dare go in, you took your special soothing incense that you have brought with you and gave them to him, telling him that those incense sticks would lead the way and exorcise evil.


“Nonsense!” the old man bellowed, “the rites I performed just now had succeeded in sending his cousin to be reborn. It was just the three other souls that I couldn’t do anything about. I wanted to tell the young man that it was already done, and now that it’s past noon, the Yin energy is rising and we had better leave quickly and never come back again. How could I have said those words, were you being possessed ?”


The assistant felt aggrieved. The older the old man got, the more unreasonable he became and there was nothing he could do. Other than his grievances, he felt a chill running through his body – if the old man didn’t say those things, then who did? Did someone borrow the old man’s body to say those words?


The old man was stunned after saying these. He suddenly realized that he didn’t say what he wanted to say. There was a blank in a part of his memory.  He could only trace his memory back to the time when he just completed performing the rites – after he opened his eyes and stood up from the ground, he saw the quiet young man who stood beside Chi Yan nodding his head at him. The young man’s deep black eyes looked at him and even smiled elegantly at him.


He opened his mouth, but no words could come out.


Perhaps he was the one who had been possessed by the devil just now.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Translator Nessie: Hungry Ghost Festival falls on the 8th August 2021 and lasts for 1 month. Be home early and don’t stay out late! Surely you don’t want “those things” to follow you home! 👻


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Chapter 132◀︎Table Of Contents▶︎Chapter 134


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