The Haunted Chapter 130 Heart Knot

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Chapter 130 Heart Knot

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Chi Yan met Ye Yingzhi shortly after joining the workforce.


Speaking of which, the meeting between the two of them was quite accidental. One day, Chi Yan went to the cafe downstairs to buy a drink during lunch break. A man came over and accidentally bumped into him and water spilled all over him. It just so happened that the man was holding a cup of warm water in his hand, so Chi Yan was not scalded and his clothes were not dirtied, except that a part of his shirt at the chest area was wet.


The man who bumped into him was very young, but he was dressed cleanly and neatly, and his appearance was very elegant. Judging from his gestures and mannerisms, he did not look like someone who had just entered the society. Besides, the other party looked very warm and friendly, and the expressions of apology and guilt on his face did not seem to be fake. After learning that Chi Yan had no extra clothes to change into, he graciously brought him to his car and offered him his clean shirt to put on. In this way, Chi Yan couldn’t get angry with the man with that face. The man gave Chi Yan his business card and asked him for his contact information.


“Ye Yingzhi” was printed on the business card, which was the man’s name.


Soon Chi Yan was transferred to another department of the company. That department was in charge of the company’s core business. There were plenty of opportunities for training, high bonuses, and quick promotion. His previous colleagues from his original department all envied him. It was only after Chi Yan took over the job that he was told that their company’s business partner was an extremely critical and inaccessible person, and they could not afford to offend him. The head of the department thought that Chi Yan was young, had a good temperament, a pleasant appearance and was professional in his work. So he deliberately asked him to be the company’s liaison for this partner. This seemingly enviable job was actually a hot potato after all.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

This was not the end. Two days later, Chi Yan received a call from his landlord when he got off work, informing him that the house he rented had already been sold, and his new landlord was somebody else. But he didn’t have to worry since his rental contract was not affected. He could continue to stay until the end of the rental contract.


When he got home, he saw someone moving things into the apartment opposite his. The owner was standing at the door instructing the workers to put all the furniture in the right places. When he saw Chi Yan coming back, the man turned his head and smiled.


The events that happened proved that there was such a coincidence in the world. The business partner who was difficult to deal with; the new neighbour who had just returned from abroad and lived in the opposite apartment, and his new landlord were all the same person. It was Ye Yingzhi, that guy who wetted his shirt that day.


As the two of them spent more time together and Ye Yingzhi intentionally wooed him, Chi Yan’s heart was swayed quickly. As if a spell was casted on him, he agreed to be Ye Yingzhi’s partner without much hesitation.


After they got together, Chi Yan reminisced to Ye Yingzhi that it was so coincidental for both of them to meet each other in their lives, at work and even at the cafe. Ye Yingzhi put his arms around him lovingly and said that this was all fated, and explained that it was also a coincidence that he bought the two apartment units at the same time.




It was dawn when the rain stopped but Chi Yan only slept for about an hour. In between, he did not have a restful sleep but snuggled with his eyes closed in Ye Yingzhi’s arms. He noticed that Ye Yingzhi gently let go of him, lifted the quilt and got out of the bed.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

There was a faint sound of water in the bathroom and Chi Yan gave up falling back to sleep. He got off the bed, walked into the bathroom barefooted and hugged Ye Yingzhi who was washing his face from the back and kissed his spine through the shirt.


Ye Yingzhi finished wiping his face, put down the towel, stretched out his hands and held Chi Yan’s hands which were placed at his abdomen. “You’re courting trouble again like this? Are you trying to be disobedient again?”


As he looked down, he saw that Chi Yan was not wearing any shoes. He stood bare-footed on the smooth and cold beige bathroom tiles and had only worn an unbuttoned white shirt. The shirt was out of size and was obviously not his. Looking so seductive and coming over to tease him, Ye Yingzhi grabbed Chi Yan’s hands tightly, humming from his nose, “Huh?”


Chi Yan didn’t take it seriously when Ye Yingzhi chided him. He kissed his lover’s perfect and powerful spine, but when Ye Yingzhi hummed, he was a little guilty and frightened, knowing that he had been found out for not wearing any shoes again. Remembering the last time that he was punished by Ye Yingzhi for running around barefooted, Chi Yan retracted his hands, tried to free his hands from Ye Yingzhi’s and ran away quickly.


He exerted a little more strength but didn’t manage to struggle free. Instead, Ye Yingzhi turned around and bridal-carried him back to the bed. Ye Yingzhi threw him back onto the bed, returned to the bathroom and brought back a warm towel. He clasped Chi Yan’s calf and wiped his feet little by little. After he was done wiping, he put the towel aside and pressed Chi Yan down on the bed. He looked at him with deep black eyes, “What’s the matter today? Huh? Do you want me to stay with you at home and not go to work ?”


“You really want me to punish you? You got addicted to the way I punished you in bed the last time, right?” Every sentence he said, the color of his eyes darkened. Eventually, he lowered his head and gently bit Chi Yan’s exposed collarbone, and whispered, “…You like me to do you, don’t you?”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

“No,” Chi Yan turned his head away and gently pushed his arm with his hand, “Ye Yingzhi, let go of me, I should also be getting up and preparing to go to work. I’m going to be late.”


Ye Yingzhi straightened up, looked at the clock on the wall and said, “How many hours have you slept since last night? Stay at home and ask for leave today.”


Chi Yan neither agreed or objected. He looked at Ye Yingzhi and asked suddenly, “Yingzhi, when I was about to fall asleep this morning, why did you lie on my chest and ask if it hurts?”


“Maybe you heard it wrong.”


“I heard you right, and it’s not the first time you have asked.” Chi Yan said. More than once, when he and his lover embraced and slept on the bed in those dim nights, Ye Yingzhi always hugged him close to his heart and murmured softly, asking him if it hurts. He felt strange in his heart, but as it was just a small matter, he never specifically asked Ye Yingzhi.


Ye Yingzhi looked at him with his eyes curved and smiled, “…I saw that you were swollen, I’m afraid you felt pain.”


“Nonsense.” Chi Yan blushed and didn’t dwell on this issue anymore, but he still had some doubts in his heart. If it was really that shameful reason that Ye Yingzhi gave, then they had also said even more shameful things between them before. Why didn’t Ye Yingzhi ask him this when he was sober? It was probably because he was already drowsy by then and couldn’t give an answer. Besides, why did Yingzhi use “you heard it wrong” for the first time as a prevarication?


These unreasonable points only flashed in Chi Yan’s mind momentarily, and Ye Yingzhi had already led their conversation towards another direction.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The next day was Saturday. After dinner, the two of them sat together to watch a movie. At the end of the film, Ye Yingzhi suddenly carried Chi Yan onto his lap and gently licked the back of his neck. He used his teeth occasionally to pinch the soft flesh of his nape and grinded his teeth against it and sucked.


Chi Yan didn’t know what’s wrong with his habit of biting his neck, but he felt very comfortable to be made numb like this. This kind of intimacy made him feel warm in his heart. Since he liked it so much, he just left it alone. Sometimes, he even took the initiative to send his nape to the other party.


In other words, he liked Ye Yingzhi, so no matter what Ye Yingzhi did, he just liked them all.


Ye Yingzhi bit Chi Yan’s nape for a long time, and then slowly released it with the tip of his tongue pushing it away when the ending song of the movie was played. He asked casually, “What did you dream of last night to be so frightened ?”


Chi Yan hesitated for a while but did not speak. He leaned closer towards Ye Yingzhi and snuggled in his embrace.


Ye Yingzhi hugged him, kissed his nape that was already red and whispered, “What can’t you tell me? I want to accompany you forever. What if you keep having nightmares and whenever you wake up, you’ll bully me again? Although I think that this is cute, I still feel distressed.”


These words were just too cheesy, but Chi Yan seemed to be touched by them. He turned his head and looked into his eyes, hesitating to speak.


He had thought of telling Ye Yingzhi many times before about what happened back then, but it was too bizarre. Firstly, he was afraid that Ye Yingzhi would not believe him like everyone else, including his parents. Secondly, he never found the right opportunity to talk about it. But Ye Yingzhi was right. He shouldn’t keep this matter in his heart for a lifetime.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chi Yan made up his mind. He slipped down from Ye Yingzhi’s body and sat on the other side of the sofa. He straightened up and then quietly clasped Ye Yingzhi’s right hand. He recalled and spoke softly about the past. He didn’t dare to say it straight but talked about it first as if it was a “dream”. Later, he found that Ye Yingzhi had been listening very carefully. His slender and powerful hand held his hand tightly, making him feel more at ease and bold.


He had recounted the past many times before, but nobody believed him. In the end, he started doubting himself.


Ye Yingzhi didn’t speak until Chi Yan finished speaking. He clasped his hands and pressed them to his heart, coaxing softly, “Ah Yan, it’s just a dream, why are you so scared?” When recounting this memory, Chi Yan’s hands were cold and trembling.


Because all those weren’t just dreams.


“Because all those are not just dreams.” Chi Yan looked at his lover’s eyes and blurted it finally. His eyes were red at the same time, “We were trapped inside, and I watched them die in front of me one by one. And my cousin, I still remember that he pushed me out and told me to go quickly, but he was stuck there and never came out again…”


Just like flood breaking out of the gate, after speaking out, Chi Yan could no longer restrain the fear and grief that had been suppressed for many years. His eyes were red and choked, “I can’t let go, can’t let go of what happened back then. I just can’t let go of my cousin and the others. Those people said that they died in a landslide, but I knew that was not the case at all. They were trapped in that cave. They were killed by evil spirits. They can’t get out anymore. Their bones and corpses are not there anymore.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

All these years, the teenager hid his fear and unease in his heart. Nobody believed what he said and it was futile telling anyone about what he had experienced. He felt lonely and was powerlessly trapped in that nightmarish memory. Until this moment, the grown-up Chi Yan finally recounted that tragedy to his lover who shared his bed and pillow. Those horrifying memories that had been suppressed in his heart for many years finally burst out all at once.


Ye Yingzhi did not doubt or refute. He comforted him gently, patted his back and whispered over and over again, “It’s okay”, “It’s all over”, “Don’t be afraid, I am here.” and so on.


Chi Yan was held firmly in his embrace. He calmed down gradually, choking a little from time to time.


When Ye Yingzhi saw that Chi Yan’s mood was almost relieved, he helped him wash up, wiped his eyes with a warm towel and led him back to the bedroom to sleep. He comforted him gently and patiently until Chi Yan sniffed his nose, fell asleep and did not mention this matter again.


When the two of them had breakfast the next day, Ye Yingzhi took the initiative to bring up the topic again at the breakfast table.


Chi Yan, who was drinking soy milk, stiffened his hand, put the cup back on the table and raised his head to look at his lover.


He heard Ye Yingzhi repeating it earnestly, “If you can’t let it go, then let’s go back and take a look to completely untie this knot in your heart.”


He curved his eyes and smiled. His eyebrows were gentle and full of love for the person in front of him. He whispered, “Don’t be afraid, I will be with you this time.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree


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