The Last Cat Of The Universe Chapter 21

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Translated by Beanie


The Marshal stubbornly resisted.


Yue An howled loudly, very tragically and heartbreakingly. The howl was directly heard by Marshal Kevin and the few soldiers he brought who were passing by during his morning exercise.


Marshal Kevin has blond hair and blue eyes, with deep contours. He looks tough and handsome, like that of Xiuyun in the same season. He has a pretty good figure in the middle of his life. At this moment, he wore a vest and was sweating profusely. The male hormones are almost about to come out and overwhelm people.


Unfortunately, there was no one who could be confused by hormones and there are no cats.


In the eyes of others, the relationship between Marshal Kevin and Marshal Ji Xiuyun, the two supreme commanders of the military, was quite stiff and the soldiers behind Marshal Kevin looked at Ji Xiuyun somewhat embarrassed. In the end, they turned their eyes and their line of sight fell onto the cat holding Ji Xiuyun’s forearm.


Marshal Kevin also looked very curious but he restrained himself very well. After looking at it twice, it responded very coldly.


When there are others around, the two marshals behaved rather unfriendly to each other.


Ji Xiuyun nodded, with the same indifference on his face as Marshal Kevin.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An’s face was still close to Ji Xiuyun’s arm and he felt that he was being watched. So he turned his head to look at the soldiers and Marshal Kevin, shaking his ears which were placed on Ji Xiuyun’s forearms slightly. After shaking them, he turned his head back uninterestedly and continued to meow at Ji Xiuyun.


That pitiful voice was so sad that those who heard it felt like crying.


Marshal Kevin wanted to chat with his student whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, especially about this cat.


But unfortunately, he had brought the soldiers out for morning exercises today. Considering the relationship between him and Ji Xiuyun in their eyes, he had to regretfully give up.


He withdrew his gaze and turned his head away with the soldiers.


As soon as Marshal Kevin turned around, Ji Xiuyun immediately reached out and grabbed Yue An’s nape. He had read the information, which said that it didn’t hurt to carry cats there because the mother cat would carry the kitten there for transferring.


The Marshal tried to persuade him, although he couldn’t tell from his facial expression as it was very cold from beginning to end.


But the Marshal really wanted to say something, his lips moved slightly, “Yue…”


Yue An hugged Ji Xiuyun’s forearm and didn’t listen. He was very ruthless and unreasonable. He opened his mouth and began to howl, “Meow—!!! Meow!!!”


Just as Ji Xiuyun wanted to say something, he saw his teacher jogging back all the way, taking the soldiers behind him and looking at him condemningly.


“Marshal Ji.” Marshal Kevin looked serious. “The creatures of ancient earth are very precious. Please don’t abuse him.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun: …


I am not, I am not.


Yue An shook his ears and turned to Marshal Kevin aggrievedly, “Mi Mu”.


Ji Xiuyun: …




Marshal Kevin looked at the little white hairball that was tightly holding Ji Xiuyun’s forearm without leaving and asked solemnly, “I remember your name is Yue An? Should you consider changing owners? I…”


Before Ji Xiuyun could react, Yue An quickly turned his head and turned the back of his head to Marshal Kevin. His four paws hugged Ji Xiuyun’s arms tightly and a pair of eyes displayed a “I will never let go of you in the storm” resolute appearance.


Ji Xiuyun glanced at his teacher who was afraid that the world would be messed up then glanced at the little hairball lying on his forearm and finally chose to compromise.


“Okay, take you there.”


As soon as his voice fell, Yue An happily “meowed” as if the cat who just howled was not him, let go of Ji Xiuyun’s arm and climbed all the way to his shoulders. His small head stretched over and rubbed Ji Xiuyun’s cheek vigorously.


Upon seeing this, Marshal Kevin gave a soft tut, looking very regretful.


Ji Xiuyun glared at his teacher coldly then lifted his leg and left without hesitation.


The Marshal felt that he had to come back earlier today. After all, judging from the teacher’s interest in Yue An, he would probably come to his house to chat with him with great interest today.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Having achieved his goal, Yue An sat on Ji Xiuyun’s shoulders and his tail fell on the Marshal’s back happily curled up in a small arc with the tip of his tail swinging comfortably.


Ji Xiuyun took Yue An into the car.


Yue An jumped to the window sill, watching the Marshal set the address and wrote it down then curiously watched Ji Xiuyun pull out a small hidden box from under the window sill.


There are several brooches with simple and generous designs lying in the dark.


The Marshal fiddled with the brooches, picked out one of them, pinned the brooch to the placket and then gently pressed the upper buckle.


Yue An watched Ji Xiuyu’s face, his facial contours changed little by little and his figure gradually swelled. He looked sturdy and obese. His skin instantly became several degrees darker and even his clothes instantly changed.


With Ji Xiuyun’s appearance and aura, even if he walks on the road wearing a regular uniform and a mask, he can be recognised by others. After all, besides Marshal Ji, who can put on that ferocious look like a war god?


But Ji Xiuyun’s current image is very ordinary. The ordinary appearance made it difficult to make an impression and the frightening aura seems to be blocked from being seen from Ji Xiuyun’s demeanor, separating him neatly from himself.


Yue An stretched out his paw curiously.


Ji Xiuyun stretched out his hand to catch his paw, rubbed the upper meat pad then let go of the button of his coat and pointed to the pocket inside. “You stay here later, don’t let your head come out.”

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An took two steps back to show resistance.


The Marshal explained, “The fabric is special, you can see the outside from inside.”


The original intention was to let him remember the route, Yue An thought for a while and still reluctantly agreed to this proposal.


The Marshal didn’t want to bring his cat over for a reason.


He is a grand marshal of the empire. It is impossible to go to the black market with his own face, right?


Although the boss behind the black market must have crossed people in booth military and political parties, it is also a black market selling illegal, banned products!


So the Marshal will definitely pretend to not be him.


First of all, Yue An can’t use this kind of camouflage brooch. If Yue An is a house pet like the artificial beast, it would be fine to take him to the black market.


But Yue An is a cat!


The last cat in the universe!


Everyone knows that this extremely precious cat is living with Ji Xiuyun.


Bringing Yue An and swaggering through the black market is like telling others: I, Imperial Marshal Ji Xiuyun, is here to visit the black market!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

If this kind of thing really happens, there is no need for the media to release big news or for the military courts to intervene. Marshal Kevin will be able to kill him when he sees him.


Besides, even if you are not afraid of the expected, you will still be afraid of unexpected accidents happening. What if something really happens?


The Marshal still remembers the cat’s life-saving grace towards him.


Only the grace of dozens of energy stones has been returned. So he can’t lose the grace of the cat.


If Yue An wants to go to other places, Ji Xiuyun will definitely agree without blinking but the black market is different. Even after crossing the open road, they are still a group of brave illegal lunatics.


What are they afraid to do?


Looking at Yue An’s appearance, he seems to really want to go.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun looked at the front window again and stared at Yue An who was looking outside. The small hairball on the window sill noticed his sight and his ear trembled. He put down the two small paws attached to the front window and turned around to look at Ji Xiuyun with a strange face.




Forget it.


Yue An has already been brought out, it’s useless to think anymore.


The Marshal sighed quietly.



The entrances of the black market are distributed in the bustling business district, with a total of five entrances.


To ordinary people, no one would believe that the largest black market of the Hinters Star is here, in the imperial capital of the Imperial Star of the Hinters Empire, beneath the most prosperous business district.


There are various sources of goods on the black market. Some are stolen, some are ransacked from regular caravans by interstellar pirates, some are privately operated by the noble lords above, and there are also various mine owners who regularly provide sources of goods to the black market.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Similarly, the people who buy things here have all types of identities.


There are no rules in this place and there is only one principle: The person who bids the highest price will get it.


Simply put, in this place, you either use your strength to talk or you use money to talk.


With an extremely ordinary face and a cat in his arms, the Marshal stood calmly in the descending elevator.


Yue An hid in a pocket inside his clothes, seeing the route clearly.


He turned his head and looked at the other people in this small elevator car. They each occupied a corner and were very cold and they didn’t communicate with each other.


Yue An yawned boredly in his secret pocket.


Ji Xiuyun is quite accustomed to this. When he was young, he often visited this place but he never visited the commercial street above but the black market below.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He needs to arm himself frantically to be able to protect his autonomy when he was young and powerless.


Because of this, Ji Xiuyun also knows the prices in the black market quite clearly.


Among the minerals, except for some rare metal mines that can enhance the sharpness of weapons and the defense of the mecha shell, the energy stone has the most demanding sales and the most stable supply.


When walking in this universe, one cannot avoid the use of energy stones in any case.


Whether it is a mecha or battleship, even a small rescue capsule, it needs energy stones to support it.


So no matter what is lacking, there is no shortage of energy stone supply.


As a Marshal, Ji Xiuyun’s Second Division and Fourth Division have been fighting on the first line against interstellar pirates all year round. He is somewhat concerned about the source of certain parts in the black market but now he has a way to recycle energy stones.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

— Yue An bought these energy stones to eat. It was better than being brought back by those interstellar pirates to fight against him and his soldiers.


After all, weakening the enemy is strengthening oneself.


It’s just that those extremely pure energy stones can only be sold by one in the entire black market.


When the Marshal got off the elevator, he headed straight for the large shop that occupied the center of the black market.


Yue An looked at the sights along the way.


Compared to the black market, this place looks more like an unordered flea market. There are no shops on the main road with small stalls on both sides and many people fighting in the corner with blood flowing.


Yue An saw that many energy stones with extremely low levels and aura content so low that he didn’t bother to want were being fought over by several people.


The four claws of the white hairball were attached to the outside of the black pocket and his big blue eyes were looking around, searching for what he wanted.


Yue An looked around and finally realised the fact that the energy stones Ji Xiuyun gave him should be those of top quality.


No wonder it’s so expensive. It costs one million eight hundred for one energy stone.


The Marshal felt the little hairball in the secret pocket move restlessly, patted the position of the secret pocket before entering the shop and whispered, “Don’t mess around here.”


Yue An suddenly fell silent.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Ji Xiuyun took out an old magnetic card from his pocket. In the black pocket, this kind of magnetic card is anonymous. Once the card is swiped, no one will know who bought their goods.


The Marshal walked directly to the innermost side and asked the man standing behind the energy stone counter, “How many high-level energy stones are there?”


The man was slightly startled, stood up straight and looked at the ordinary-looking person in front of him for a few seconds and replied, “About five hundred.”




Seeing his straightforward look, the man said solemnly, “The current price is 1.21 million.”


Ji Xiuyun was not one to speak nonsense at all. He just wants to leave here with the delicate and soft guy in his arms as soon as he finishes the purchase.


“I want all of them. Lower the price, 1.2 million.”


The man behind the counter stopped talking and didn’t hesitate. After getting the 300 million as a deposit, he took the Marshal directly to the warehouse where the energy stones were stored.


A high-grade energy stone is about the size of a baby’s fist. Five hundred and thirty-two are neatly placed. Even if the space is used up, the box containing the stones is half the height of the Marshal, which is extremely high and heavy.


Yue An bit his tail in the secret pocket, his cute cat face wrinkled, painfully recalling the skills of the elders in the clan that he had told him about the universe.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Too bad he was too lazy and didn’t take the spatial spells to heart.


Now when it needs to be used, he hates the thought of learning it less.


Yue An anxiously poked the waist of Ji Xiuyun who was confirming the quantity in his secret bag, desperately wanting to meow.


How can you take out such a big box!


Will you not be robbed when you go out!


The Marshal didn’t feel distressed. He reached out and patted his waist. After confirming that the goods were correct, he smoothly brushed off the remaining balance and then patted a button on the top.


Four rollers popped out from the bottom of the box and rolled towards the other door of the warehouse.


As the largest shop in the black market, this one is naturally privileged.


For example, the back door of the warehouse is an exit elevator from the black market and the end of the elevator is directly connected to the parking lot of the commercial center.


The man who dealt with them followed him closely, watching Ji Xiuyun’s unconcealed military style. Before Ji Xiuyun stepped into the exit, he finally shouted at the other side, “Guest.” The man asked with a flattering and careful smile, “Can I take the liberty to ask, is it necessary for the military to buy so many energy stones in one go?”


Ji Xiuyun paused before turning his head to look at him silently.


Ji Xiuyun: …


You may not believe it.


Actually, I’m here to buy cat food.


Translated by The Red Oak Tree

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