The Last Cat Of The Universe Chapter 22

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Translated by Beanie


No one believed the truth.


Of course they wouldn’t believe nonsense. All the students in the military academy knew. What can more than 500 energy stones do?


More than 500 energy stones are capable of supporting the long-distance wormhole shuttle of three Marshal-class battleships, capable of arming at least 85 of the latest military mechas, or supporting a small team of ten reconnaissance ships for space operations for a month.


What kind of concept is this?


Looking at the entire empire, there are only two Marshal-class battleships. Eighty-five mechas being dispatched is enough to completely destroy a large city in just one hour. Ten reconnaissance ships operating in space for more than two months is usually a prelude to a coming war!


Can this not be scary?


It’s scary to death!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The black market is not an organisation that sells intelligence, but there is no warning at this moment. Suddenly someone buying energy stones in large quantities at once – or a person who does not hide their military style at all. The black market businessman naturally has a natural sense of danger and noticed something abnormal.


Of course, he was not only shocked at this time, but also able to smell the strong business opportunities contained in it.


For those people who want money buy not their lives, what kind of wealth is best to make?


Naturally, it is war money!


The man is not sure whether he is more excited or nervous at this time.


Is there any major war in the empire recently?


Is it to expand territory or suppress a rebellion in a certain place?


Or did you receive a request from others for help?


Otherwise… maybe it’s infighting.


The businessman rubbed his hands and looked at the customer in front of him expectantly, staring at him unblinkingly, trying to see something from his face.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

However, Ji Xiuyun had practised the skill of his indifferent face for a very long time and did not waver from the merchant’s prying eyes.


No one believed the truth anyway, so let him guess.


So Ji Xiuyun didn’t say anything. After a short stay, he left the place with more than 500 energy stones.


The exit led directly to the parking lot. As a black market exit, there are no surveillance probes on this section of the road.


The lack of monitoring probes also means that there will be people lurking here, waiting for those who are qualified to come out of the special exit of the largest black market shop to come and steal their goods.


Yue An sat in the secret pocket in Ji Xiuyun’s coat. Out of his animal’s instinct for an oncoming crisis, he noticed the abnormal atmosphere. His two ears were erected alertly, his beautiful cat eyes opened round and his sight was focused in his field of vision.


Cats have a very sensitive sense of hearing. For cats living in the wild, the slight wind can wake them up from sleep.


His hairy ears turned, shaking slightly occasionally.


Yue An caught a few slow and long breathing sounds, his eyes swept across a few blind spots and the tips of his claws filled with electricity.


Ji Xiuyun felt a sudden tingling from the place where the hidden pocket was sewn on his waist accompanied by a momentary numbness as if he was pierced by the accidental leakage of electricity.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

He paused slightly, keenly heard a few muffled hums coming from all over and as soon as he looked up, he saw people falling down in several blind spots in front of him, revealing their upper body or head.


— A haircut with exploding hair, the clothes on their body also smelled burnt. There was no wound on their bodies, but the people fell on the ground, convulsed twice and lost consciousness.


Not dead.


Yue An was the one who caused this. You don’t have to think about it.


Cleaning up most people without saying a word, Yue An sat in his dark pocket, watching his surroundings, turning his ears around and listening carefully to the surrounding sounds and found the remaining breathing sounds with satisfaction as after a short period of stagnation, it gradually faded away.


Yue An moved in his secret pocket and meowed softly through the piece of clothing.


Ji Xiuyun knew immediately what was going on. He didn’t stop, stretched out his hand and walked out with the box at the height of his waist. With his two long legs’ ability to walk twice as fast as others, he quickly returned to his car.


As soon as he got in the car, Yue An got out of his pocket and jumped into the box. He meowed at Ji Xiuyun who was taking out his brooch with his tail raised very high and tilted his head up with a “quickly praise me” look.


The Marshal returned to his original appearance, glanced at the rapidly receding scenery outside the window and stretched out his hand to gently scratch Yue An’s chin.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An laid on the box, narrowed his eyes due to Ji Xiuyun’s skillful technique as both of his ears were pinched and the weight of his small head was placed on Ji Xiuyun’s palm, making a meowing sound.


Ji Xiuyun lowered his eyes and watched Yue An’s posture as if he was going to sleep in a relaxed manner and stopped his hand movements.


He thought of Yue An’s special talent.


When they first met, he clearly noticed that there was a gap between the two currents that Yue An sent out.


The second time is more obvious than the first.


And while they were sitting on the edge of the pond grilling fish, Yue An blasted up half the entire pond of water and was surprised.


At that time, Yue An had just eaten half of an energy stone.


His cat does not only feed on energy stones, Yue An can eat a lot of things. He can eat anything that humans can eat, but he has a soft spot for energy stones.


Combining the fact that he burnt a handful of hair after gnawing on a few mouthfuls of energy stone early in the morning on the previous day, Ji Xiuyun had a bold idea.


He then poked Yue An who was sleeping awake.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An opened his mouth and bit him with little strength to show his dissatisfaction, leaving only a slight tingling.


The Marshal took out his finger, touched the little cat’s head comfortably and asked him, “Yue An, your talent depends on energy stones?”


Yue An lay on the table, turned over after hearing the question, looked up at Ji Xiuyun and didn’t mean to conceal anything.




No wonder.


Ji Xiuyun stroked Yue An’s head once, looking at the big box of energy stones.


My life-saving cat is so difficult to raise.


The Marshal thought so, but felt that it was wrong. The money used to buy the box of energy stones was earned by Yue An.




The Marshal fell silent.


He seems a little useless.


The more the Marshal thought about it, the more he felt that this was indeed the case. So he asked, “Yue An, do you have anything you want?”


The little cat’s ears trembled, his small paws straightened out and he patted the box he was lying on.


The Marshal paused, “Except for energy stones?”


Want to be an immortal!

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Yue An thought about his eight tails, looked up at Ji Xiuyun, thought about it and then turned over to reveal his small belly.




The Marshal watched Yue An calmly for a while, and finally recognised the cruel reality.


— He seems to be used as a human-shaped massage machine by his cat.


How evil.


The Marshal is not without money and is even very rich.


He has a mine in his hand and some side industries in addition to high wages and various subsidies. In order to win over a young and powerful general, the emperor was never stingy with money.


But Yue An doesn’t need money to spend from Ji Xiuyun.


His ability to attract money is even much better than that of the Marshal.


When Ji Xiuyun seriously thought about whether he should hand in his salary card to Yue An so as to appear that he was not very useless, they arrived home.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

The car was parked in the garage and the Marshal effortlessly carried the box out of the car and then dragged it back into the house.


Yue An lay on the box and entered the room steadily. As soon as he looked up, he saw Marshal Kevin lying on the sofa sleeping.


Yue An was stunned and looked up at Ji Xiuyun.


Ji Xiuyun did not show any surprise.


His teacher has always had permission to enter and leave the house, which was given by his parents when they were alive and Ji Xiuyun never thought about taking it back.


The Marshal made his movements extremely light.


The room is at a constant temperature, so there was no worry about Marshal Kevin catching a cold.


Yue An looked at Ji Xiuyun’s movements and he also realised that the relationship between the two people was probably not as cold as it was in the morning.


As Yue An currently knows, Ji Xiuyun’s interpersonal relationship is too simple. This made him a little curious about the Marshal who had access to Ji Xiuyun’s house.


He walked over with his short legs, jumped onto the short table in front of the sofa lightly, tilted his head and looked at the man carefully.


Marshal Kevin is more than 210 years old this year. He has been guarding the empire as a Marshal for nearly a hundred years. His physical condition has slowly declined in recent years and he is about to leave the golden age of human life.


Although there are not many traces from his appearance, as a soldier who has been on the battlefield all his life, his physical condition is no longer suitable for standing on the front line of fierce fighting.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

But the realisation that has been trained on the battlefield for many years has not been obliterated by the easy life of the past few years.


So under Yue An’s unhidden look, Marshal Kevin woke up.


He saw Ji Xiuyun at a glance and yawned, “You’re back?”


Ji Xiuyun nodded, “Teacher.”


Marshal Kevin nodded and saw Ji Xiuyun opening the takeaway box while walking towards the kitchen. His eyes turned to the little hairball sitting on the short table in front of him.


He tentatively reached out his hand.


Yue An did not hide.


Marshal Kevin smiled and rubbed Yue An’s head generously.


When Ji Xiuyun walked out of the kitchen with a cup of warm milk, what he saw was his teacher teasing his cat with a bag of meat sticks.


The Marshal watched Yue An straighten up and stretched out his paws to reach for the meat strips, walked over and put down the milk in his hand.


Yue An turned his head, smelling the fragrance of milk in the air, meowing at Ji Xiuyun suspiciously.


The Marshal took his cat back from his teacher, squeezed his paw, “This is for my teacher.”


Yue An looked at Marshal Kevin, incredulous.

Translated by The Red Oak Tree

How old are you to still be drinking milk?


Such a fashionable setting!?


“Drinking milk helps to slow down skin aging.” Marshal Kevin straightened his face when he said this, with a serious face. “I am different from Xiuyun. I am a person with a family. I have to maintain a handsome image for my wife to see happily.”


Ji Xiuyun looked cold and was too lazy to talk.




Yue An felt that it was difficult for the cat to understand that such a person could teach Ji Xiuyun this kind of dead face paralysis.


“I’m here to do something.” Marshal Kevin put down the cup in his hand. “I just received information that a suspected military person directly bought more than 500 high-level energy stones in the black market.”


The person and cat who were playing by pinching claws and pushing hands heard the words and they turned their heads neatly to look at Marshal Kevin.


Marshal Kevin was also stunned for a moment because of their unexpected reaction.


He seemed to have realised something. He looked at Ji Xiuyun’s uniform and then at the big box still at the door.


“…” Marshal Kevin was silent for two seconds, “Did you?”


Ji Xiuyun didn’t say a word, which was regarded as agreement by default.


Marshal Kevin was in disbelief. “You have a mineral vein of a whole planet under your hand. What do you buy this for?”


“…” Ji Xiuyun squeezed Yue An’s paw.


If there is anyone who Ji Xiuyun absolutely trusts, there is only Marshal Kevin.


But to be honest, no one may really believe this.


“Are you going to rebel?”




Marshal Kevin looked at his student, “Then you are…”




Ji Xiuyun looked at his teacher blankly and was silent for a while.


“…It’s cat food.”


Marshal Kevin: …

Marshal Kevin: ???




Translated by The Red Oak Tree

Chapter 21◀︎Table Of ContentsChapter 23


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